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  1. Just saw your post. I would say yes there will be growing interest in the HLS30 240Z in Australia. Just like in the UK, price differential and availability will drive interest. Some context to the statement. As you know in Australia right now, Australian delivered HS30U and HS30UA (RHD 240Z sports) are currently growing in value rapidly and selling for massive prices compared to five years ago, This means the core statement will happen just like it has happened in all the other markets. The HLS30 from the USA will be the prime focus as people try to get there hands on a 240Z to understand the experience that a 240z provides. This activity will fuel the 240z bubble even more and bring in even more people looking to flip the 240Z for max profit over finding the right one to restore drive and enjoy. That my 2c on the bubble and the outcome. Cheers Steve.
  2. Thanks Guys this thread has been a fantastic read, the data extract from the Nissan Shatai documents is brilliant. Special thanks to Kats for your efforts. cheers Steve
  3. When I fire my engine up it will burst up to about 1400rpm, and slowly come back down to about 750 after about fve minutes. This is where it stabalizes when the engine is fully heat soaked. My throttle valve is a twin butterfly progressive and it has an air bypass screw directly on top that adjusts the bypass air, do you have one of these. I believe the one with the lock nut on the side is a factory min bypass for throttle position (should not adjust). hope this helps Cheers Steve
  4. Okay I have manged to scrape together two examples of the 260Z inertia reel belts for Australia. Th orange press is is the interim ADR 4C compliant belt set for 260Z, NISSAN contracted to the old TRW Marickville plant (Sydney) long gone now. note the Australian standard on the reciever body and the also the twisted wire support. The second reel set is the post ADR 4C ( or late ) JAPAN manufacture belt set for Australia from the joint venture company NSK WARNER KK identified by the diffrent reciever and the straight wire support with fully enclosed inertia reel. cheers Steve:)
  5. Zedrally, Both belts and vehicles are paired at point of entry to gain compliance, with both having similar lead times from manufacture, I have seen heaps of this. To the inertia reels, I can confirm that I have seen inertia reel based retractor belts with a similar rework same as the earlier belts time lines similar and yes manufactured in 'Sydney'. cheers Steve :classic:
  6. Sorry if I confused, In my view the underlying facts here is that seat belts in the Australian market delivered cars (1969-1978) except for one or two small fluctuations are a stable barrometer to to production and delivery timing. This ties back to the tread subject as it gives a good indication for time lines along with production body serial across the void of different world markets. allowing for parrallells in delivery to be identified. cheers Steve
  7. Zedrally, What I was getting at here is this was all a governed by ADRs from the start, NISSAN was all over it. The lap sash was an ADR requirement up until 04 APR74 this would explain the initial batch of 260Z had it too. I think the post production change outs would be either diverted shipment or private import. My 2C Steve:nervous:
  8. As you can see the seat belt for Australia went through many changes, driven towards achieving reasonable crash survivability. This was the main ADR focus durring the seventies. "It worked" not until past 2000 did Australias figures start to spike higher than 1968-69 for major injury and death per accident rate national. These are the main production change drivers for NISSAN I have seen for the Australian market delivered cars 1969-1978 with regards to seat belt. 1969 ADR 4 seat belts fitted in front seats from (JAN 69) ADR 5A seat belt anchor points for front seats from ( JAN 69) 1974 ADR 4A improved seat belts buckles effective from(APR 74) 1975 ADR 4B inertia reel seat belts fitted to all front seats JAN 75) ADR 5B improved location of seat belt anchor points (JAN 75) 1976 ADR 4C dual-sensing locking retractor inertia reel seat belts from (JAN76) I agree the 260Z RS30 and GRS30 went through greater change than the 240Z HS30 for Australia. As far as I have seen all of the madatory changes were incorporated into production prior to shipping. The belt change for 12/71 wasn't that the improve buckle locking change, pre dating the ADR by over 3 Years. cheers Steve:classic:
  9. The only true way to clear the water on this is to compare body numbers from the different markets, this overcomes any changes due to geography and shipping or dealer inactivity. Gives a much clearer picture the GRS30 and the RS30 area/ date sales, changes where many but body numbers just climbed untill the official end of production. The old seat belt tag date is a real good rationaliser for this one. my2c Steve:)
  10. HI Jack, Great looking Zed, definately a fine example of a late production HS30 Congratulations on your efforts at record keeping. Do you have the factory tinted "blue" Glass, what other factory options do you have at a guess ? maybe blue interior with woodgrain inserts. How far out west are you I am in Newcastle and regularly travel up into South QLD Via WARRICK. all the best. Steve
  11. Nigel, Ef 47 is an easy way to work out what has to happen, when you look at both diagrams it becomes a lot clearer doing the colour checks gets your mind right into the way the system works. In the end colour is nothing its about running the wire runs until you have all the areas and actions covered. The PDF has been attached as this will allow more flexibility without distortion cant get any more quality. If you run any problems from here let me know. I have done the exact thing you are attempting full EFI in a carby car in 1992 with my 240z. good luck Steve EF47R30SKYLINE.pdf
  12. I tried looking at someof the wires, these are what I am thinking so far. just need to lookat the end runs on your engine / computer loom for confirm. working from the information from R30 diagram on EF 48 ( 9 pin diagram from the manual) and EF 47 the diagram on the page before. R = Red = pin 5 from fuseable link to the dropping resistor power to injectors. Y/L= Yellow blue power from pin 13 on the computer to pull relay in on fuel pump relay then black to earth. L = Blue = pin 4 from a fuseable link to through the efi relay to pin 27 on the computer when the relay is activated by ignition on. B/Y = Black Yellow = pin 2 from ignition switch start through to cold start valve and thermite switch then to computer pin 26. B/W = Black White = pin 1 ignition switch run to ic ignition unit and coil. Couldnt finish tonight, this will take a bit of confirming so you work out what is what. please right down the steps for reference later like a log of what is what. I will look at some more tomorrow. Steve
  13. Nigel, have a look at your 8 pin plug and see reply as I did with the colours for each wire combo. This will help eliminate where they go. Steve
  14. pin setup 123 456 789 config pins 1. 2. 3. blank pin 4 colour is L (blue) pin 5 colour is R (red) pin 6 colour is Y/L (yellow/blue trace) pin 7 colour is B/W (black/white trace) pin 8 colour is B/L (black/ blue trace) pin 9 colour is L/W (blue/white trace) do you need end termination route for the colours cheers Steve
  15. Nigel I had a look at the R30 manual. This is the main loom connector up on the firewall above the rear of the engine. The book shows round my 82 had the 8 pin flat as well. The late model sup does not show the 8 pin either. The actual wire diagram is not clear in R30 books for this plug what do you need from this connection. Steve
  16. Noddle, I have an alternative for you depending on you problem the 81 and 82 wiring diagrams for the 280ZX non digital are almost identical to the l24E wire up in the HAYNES 280ZX Books in AUST. If you want to post your problem someone may be able to help. Send me a private message, I have R30 and all L series Zed loom information in my manuals if that helps. cheers Steve
  17. Congratulations KATS, well done. I am happy to see this rare book went to a you, knowing how interested you are in early S30 models, it could not find a better home. Good luck studying the detail. If you find any obscure interesting points please share them with the FORUM, I always enjoy your information when you share it with us. cheers Steve
  18. Halz, No dont do it. This Z is special It came to you out of a sea of rusty rellics with no soul. Your Zed is rare it deserves to stay around for you to enjoy later on. Sorry mate the passion. Good Luck Steve
  19. Craig, that is a really smooth change on your Z. that guard pump is excellent just the hint with max functionallity. Top shelf G nose in my book. cheers Steve
  20. WA photo, looks like a good quality job to be proud of. cheers Steve
  21. For my 2c, I am seeing good quality moving well in the price stakes,in lots of markets. Yes and the junk is still at junk prices, the common line I suppose. Cheers Steve:classic:
  22. The photos of the tag and vin are now on EBAY. cheers Steve
  23. Zedrally I have asked the question waiting responce. cheers Steve
  24. Is this a right hooker, if so there should be more out there, before we look at owner import and dealer import. Nissan did one of those market evaluation packages out of Melbourne. I know of two of these on the east coast, one is very prominant in the Sydney basin. cheers Steve:)
  25. To Amazombi, this plate was for North America delivery HLS30- I believe it is not required for European delivery. Your 240Z data should be on the plate in the engine bay, the indents in the door jam for the locating of the date plate should still be intack, with no drill holes. Please send information, pictures are good,in the gallery section for all to enjoy. Thanks Zedrally it would be good to know exactly what we are talking about. ezzzzzzz thanks I have placed your data in my HLS30- file. cheers Steve:classic:
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