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  1. I would have to support rocketdog's comments in this matter. A good supplier of outdoor and climbing equipment will have webbing and buckle options that are flexible, strong and versatile. It might be easy to think that the capabilities of the products used in climbing might far exceed any perception of what might be required for a car, but if you are involved in a collision you will want whatever is secured to a your rear luggage shelf to remain secured. Climbing gear is designed for that very task. Spend the minimal extra money and enjoy the sense of security it brings. I have harped on ab
  2. Oh the agony of his question. I currently have a Black 2+2 and the colour has really grown on me but I do think that it does not look as good on a two seater. My two seater is up for a respray and I am probably going to go with the original white although it might get the Subaru white as I agree that Subaru really hit the nail with their choice (I have an Outback in that colour). However, my next planned project is another two seater and after years of careful consideration of my colour preference with all other considerations swept aside, my thought is that the Lamborghini? yellow on DougN's
  3. Sounds very strange to me from what you have described and I can understand your reaction. As far as I know people are invited to contribute but there has never been a compulsion to do so. From what I think I have seen, people tend to donate what they feel they can afford and for what individuals recognise as the value the site provides to them. There are plenty of non donating members and there has never, to my knowledge, been any grief about it. Some people donate voluntary services (e.g. moderators) and others offer truly exceptional knowledge, enthusiasm, and a quality of contribution to t
  4. Nice clip Chris - gives some indication of the length of the track and the variation in altitude. The audio track gives a nice sound from your car. Good stuff. Regards Dave
  5. Just to chime in, Chris meant to say that the event run in October is 1000 kilometres or approximately 620 miles long and is THE event on the annual Australian motorsport calendar. The track has a significant variation in elevation and is over 6 kilometres long - see wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathurst_1000. Chris and Peter are both to be congratulated for both the quality of preparation and presentation of their fine vehicles and for the commitment and planning they have to participating in this event at what must be a leading contender for the Mecca of Australian Motorsport venues. Well done guys.
  6. My 76 2+2 has what I think to be the original fixed belts while my 77 has retracting belts. No doubt the retractable belts are easier to access and to operate but my personal opinion is that the fixed belts are a better fit and provide better protection PROVIDED that they are properly adjusted. The general caution I apply to any seat belt discussion is that anyone with original belts in their car needs to carefully consider the integrity of those belts. Any belts with any signs of wear or damage on the webbing should be retired / replaced. I am about to replace my 76 belts with a four point h
  7. Okay, I have minimal techno savvy and find that even logged in, I only get the last 10 posts and see no easy avenue to access a list of say the last 40 or 50 threads that have received posts. I do not readily see any single click avenue for expanding the number of recent additions to threads. I am easily confused here so maybe I have missed the obvious but the most valued thing that I miss, is the ability to easily click on the recent history of additions for the last few days or so, Hope this makes sense. Regards Dave
  8. My final post to clarify my contribution: Wikapedia "The WRC was formed from well-known and popular international rallies, most of which had previously been part of the European Rally Championship and/or the International Championship for Manufacturers, and the series was first contested in 1973." The World Rally Championship began in 1973 and did include on the 1973 calendar all of the events that had been run as a part of the Manufacturers Championship in 1972. All subsequent references I can find to the World Rally Championship only refer to results from 1973 onwards with no recognition of
  9. Read a Wikapedia post (FWIW) which said : "The FIA International Championship for Manufacturers (IMC) was a rally series culminating in a champion manufacturer. The championship was run from 1970 to 1972 and it was replaced by the FIA World Rally Championship in 1973." and "All the nine rallies of the 1972 IMC season were part of the 1973 World Rally Championship season." There might be some conjecture over the veracity of the last sentence in that I have not found any reference to the 1972 events being included in the 1973 WRC, but whatever does emerge, there is no doubting that a Jeep drive
  10. I see. The article says "It was not supposed to happen. A truck wins a World Rally event. Nobody expected such a thing, much less believed it when they heard that a Jeep® Wagoneer, driven by a Dearborn, Mich., cop was the first American car to win an F.I.A. World Rally Championship event. It happened in 1972 at the Press-On-Regardless (POR) rally in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan" If it was 1972 then it was not a World Rally Championship event, but rather the fore runner of what was to become a WRC event. Would not be the first time that a journalist did not get it quite right a
  11. I think that John Smiskol was the North American driver with the highest achievements in the World Rally Championship results of the past century - AND he got those results in a Z. WRC results for John Smiskol John Smiskol Career Statistics Country: United States Driver Birth Date: 11-Nov-50 First Rally: Unknown WRC Events: 1973 - 0 Career Results : Pos Event Co-Driver # Vehicle 8th. 1974 WRC Rideau Lakes Rally C. Smiskol #108 Nissan Fairlady (Z) 260Z 14th. 1974 WRC USA Press on Regardless Rally C. S
  12. I am not to sure about the accuracy of some of the statements in the article quoted here. I am not at home at the moment to check some of my references but a quick google search of the 1973 Press On Regardless World Rally Championship event results gave me : USA - POR 1. Boyce, Walter Toyota Corolla 2. Walker, Jim Volvo 142S 3. Smiskol, John Datsun 240Z (See additional info on John Smiskol in next post) 4. Buffum, John Ford Escort RS1600 5. Rodgers, John Datsun 1600SSS 6. Mucha, Robert Polski-Fiat 125p 7. Dodd, Bill Ford Capri 2600 8. Callon, Jim Datsu
  13. Have bought several items from him through ebay and have always got exactly what I signed up for with absolutely no problems. Shipping prices were high but I was pre warned about that through this forum. He is honest, efficient, reliable. With a little more leg work and research you can do better prices and I generally prefer to deal with MSA but I feel that you can also deal with Reddat with confidence. FWIW Dave
  14. My most recent order was a matter of a little urgency for me as I required the parts for work in progress at a workshop - parts arrived in Western Australia four working days after placement of the order. OUTSTANDING. Thanks JON. All attended to most efficiently again. Great service.
  15. I can understand the frustration that Alan and others feel about the perpetuation and promotion of incorrect or unbalanced information with regard to the history of the development of the Zed car. Other threads in this forum have gone to great lengths to accurately define and verify the circumstances surrounding the origin of the Zed and continue to do so. However, despite the investigation and publication of more reliable and accurate information on these matters, "modern" articles seem to continue to rely an old information from 40 years ago. This Australian article from 2008? barely preced
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