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  1. ^^^ Kiwi's talk different again, just ask for Fish & Chips and you'll know why. In Oz Dat is Dat, think of That with a D instead of a T, or RAT with a D. Nissan is Niss-anne. Of course if you're from Queensland, West Australia or Tassie then it might be pronounced very differently again.
  2. Welcome Wick, I hope you're re-united with your zed. Without your book I would have wasted countless hours over the years. I see Alan is manoeuvring for an International version of the bible.....
  3. Sorry, Can't help you. Does it start and run?
  4. Yes, you can really drive it. In conjunction with the alternator relay (IIRC), it forms a simple logic circuit that controls the fuel pump on start up. Originally designed to stop flooding the carbie's on a hot start.
  5. ^^^ Yes, drive it by all means. It won't fall out of the sky!
  6. I had a "bulk" missing lot arrive overnight.....
  7. This is great ! Like discovering a long lost treasure. Thank you. Can anyone shed any further light on these, there is no mention in the FSM about them ?
  8. The original struts didn't have "inserts". The FSM gives instructions on rebuilding them, but to my knowledge no one ever did, rather replacing them with after market inserts. For histories sake, if you have the part numbers or photo's of these factory parts or boxes, please post them.
  9. If your using a compressor, you only have 2 solutions. The inline filter you already have or an air drying system, which for a one off paint job is going to work our very very expensive. Have you thought about using argon or nitrogen (there may be other gases out there as well, such as bottle dry compressed air ) ? Certainly cheaper to rent a bottle or 2 or you could wait for a less humid day.
  10. Have you checked the fuel pressure at the carbs?
  11. All the ballast resistor does is to limit voltage to the coil after start up. The intention is to drop coil voltage to 8-10 volts (someone will correct me on this as I'm writing off the top of my head) after providing full volts for the start up. The worst that could happen is to burn the coil out, this doesn't appear to be your problem either. Good luck, we're all waiting for the solution.
  12. But it could be fuel delivery. Fuel pump, restriction in pipe before carbs etc. If your fuel pump can't keep up then you're going to starve of fuel.
  13. I didn't think there was an advantage, they where just a stepping stone to "reluctor" style distributor's. In any case, they didn't hang around for long, just like flat tops. Little point in changing over, sure this is a electrical problem and not fuel related?
  14. Following on from a thread topic started by scotauto http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?42023-what-are-these-tail-lights-from A question was asked about 2 badges that where mounted on the front of the car. A discussion was started about non zed badges that where displayed on the front of his car. Rather than hijack the thread, here is an opportunity to post and tell about the badges that you may have acquired either in your zed or as a navigator. Zeds, have a proud history in Rallying around the world, many of these rally would have or still are "high" profile events in which the organisers would present a commemorative badge or emblem that the driver would generally proudly mount on the front of his car to indicate his battle against the route the rally took. Similarly, the Navigator would mount his on a "brag" board, suitably hung over a bar..... Use this thread to post pic's of any you have, with a history of the event. Mike
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