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  1. Taz0162

    amco parts

    Picture of the Throttle plate mounted next to the accelerator pedal Any help locating one will be appreciated.
  2. Taz0162

    amco parts

    The Throttle pate I'm loking for is the four sided plate pictured
  3. Taz0162

    amco parts

    Looking for this ski adaptor for the roof rack. And help will be appreciated.
  4. Taz0162

    amco parts

    The overriders bars came in various sizes and are year specific. Ex. A 72 won't fit a 73 because the spacing is different on the vertical overriders. Sent from my SM-G530T using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  5. Taz0162

    amco parts

    Found all of the above mentioned items but discovered one more that I need. AMCO Throttle Guard Plate. it's a flat metal plate that mounted to the tunnel on the right of the Throttle pedal so to not cause wear in the vinyl. shaped like a trapazoid but don't have the exact dimensions. One of my dealer parts catalogs has it listed as Amco part # 6535 ebay has a couple different ones for other cars but not the one I'm looking for. any assistance would be appreciated.
  6. Taz0162

    amco parts

    New Update for my vintage 240Z AMCO accessories parts scavenger hunt. Found: AMCO Front Bumper Overrider Bar AMCO Rear Bumper Overrider Bar AMCO Parcel Bar AMCO Door Panel Scuff Guards AMCO Drip Rail Mounted Luggage Rack AMCO Passenger Foot Rest (Also found the Japanese Non-Chrome version as well) AMCO Center Consol Arm Rest Floor Mats Need: AMCO Leather Wrapped Shift Knob - No rush as it pops up on ebay quite a bit AMCO Wooden Shift Knob - No rush as it pops up on ebay quite a bit Am I missing anything else from 1972 Dealer offerings from AMCO??? I also have: Not an AMCO offering - Glove Box Mounted Beltek/Datsun 8-Track Player - Working
  7. @mgood PM'd you interested in a printed window sticker for my 72' if you can still make them correctly. I have the further details on my car when needed.
  8. Looks like the tool tray is missing on that one too. I just picked up a toolbox w/out tools and tool tray this week. I'll slowly refill it with the tools but was considering crafting my own tool tray because I have a feeling that that by itself will not be something that will pop up on craigslist or ebay. I honestly was unaware of the tool box until this week. It will give me a new scavenger hunt to work towards. Once it is delivered I think I can track down the tools and still keep the cost under what this seller is asking. But I won't know for sure until I get the box and take time plotting out each tool. Dave our paths cross again. The floormat cleaned up like new. Going to wait for warmer weather until I fit it to the footrest because warm rubber is my pliable then hard frozen rubber that tends to want to crack.
  9. OK 5 Year old Thread brought back to life because other info on this tool box is not housed elsewhere. Does anyone have the dimensions or a spare tool tray for the Silver Nissalco toolbox? I would like to know dimensions of the spacers that hold the tools in place in the tray if at all possible. Can someone show a picture of the tray out of the toolbox?
  10. Yep that's the one Im looking for. Thanks fro replying Jarvo2. Will keep looking.
  11. can anyone confirm the quality of the reproduction in these trim strips?
  12. So... 9teen7t240zwhat ever happened to having 240z Taillight bezels?
  13. @Jarvo2 looks like you have the Beltek unit that I have been looking for. The one I have coming is a Datsun Hitachi unit. That's the first set of directions that I have sen for it. Glovebox installation is not a concern as I already installed a HD Radio there and could relocate that elsewhere or remove at anytime. I have a toggle in the glovebox to switch between the stock and HD radio setups. if you ever want to part with that Beltek unit let me know. ~Taz
  14. So I just snagged one of these new in box. where/how were they installed? Not sure If Im installing but like this option and definite conversation starter. ~Taz
  15. They pop up on ebay once in a while (The Amco Ones). That's where I snagged a set last fall. The was someone selling the AMCO mats (individually) just last week on ebay but one of them was pretty ruff looking.
  16. Crickets...What happened to the update with the parts list???
  17. can we confirm what he ha listed as being true. I own a 05/72 240Z that a 70-71 choke knob does not fit on (Makes sense) But the screw threading appears to be the smaller screw ( I know I tried a 70-71 screw) then what he is depicting for a 72-73. Can anyone verify what this site is stating?
  18. Yeah he has it on ebay too starting price $12,500.00 no bids. He does have a vvery nice collection. Told me he is moving this car for a low vin car that he just acquired.
  19. I have started this thread in hopes to generate a repository of the differences in choke knobs that were used through the years. Not including the throttle control that is discussed in a different thread. Choke knobs only. Why are 70-71 knobs only available and not 72-73? What are the differences and what have 72-73 owners done to replace theirs? Nissan parts numbers and pictures of the knobs (front and side to display curvature and screw location) will help with this thread.
  20. Yes very happy with Dynamat. I was going with the approach of ensuring that there would not be any rattle noises from the amp powered four speakers plus subwoofer that I installed. I didn't use it on anything up front only the insides of the rear panels and throughout the wheelwell. I have not experienced any rattle at all with the system cranked up (for testing purposes only, <cough cough>). I didn't want to eliminate road/engine noise because that's half the fun of the 240Z with my MSA performance exhaust setup. I would use Dynamat again on my other projects.
  21. Yeah that's pretty hard to read even when zoomed in. But look at those snazy shoes in the pic of it being used.
  22. Looking for the directions that came with the Amco branded footrest for installation of the unit. I want to install mine in the correct location instead of guess-timating. Any assistance will be appreciated.
  23. 1966 VW Beetle - Gutted and in pieces waiting for the Z to get finished. 1972 Datsun 240Z almost complete (Though I have been saying that for 3 years now but this time I mean it..Really...) 1978 Chevrolet Step-Side Truck - Restored and Customized. (My first vehicle) 2001 PT Cruiser LT Loaded with all options except engine heater and probably going to receive a chop top or converted into a coupe with a trunk, rear wheel drive and Hemi engine (Confirmed that it will fit). 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 883XLH 100th anniversary edition with Gold Key Package. (14 test miles on it only) 2005 Saturn Vue (Wifes Car and weekend family hauler) 2008 Chevrolet HHR - Daily Driver for my 96 Mile Round trip commute.
  24. Taz0162

    A-r-a a/c

    Well the best images I can find indicate a bracket that holds the dryer away from the fender wall (seen in two pictures) and the third one appears to be what is discribed above. clamp bracket similar to coil bracket in galvanized metal. can someone confirm which one was the A-R-A dryer bracket used on the 240Zs that received A/C? Need to find the bracket but need to confirm the correct one that I am tracking down.
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