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  1. monster875

    1974 Z vs 1975 Z

    ohh, well then my 3D project isn't as complicated will for sure add ur name in the credits
  2. monster875

    1974 Z vs 1975 Z

    so, bumpers, badges, ornaments, emblems and the electronic fuel injection is the difference from the outside? (not talking about engine sizes)
  3. monster875

    1974 Z vs 1975 Z

    what r the differences from the 1974 260Z and the 1975 280Z? does the '75 280Z actually have the airvents in the hood?
  4. u're missing a 1972 Z for ur collection :)

  5. monster875

    1974 260Z emblem, badges and ornaments

    Well yes. I'm going to make a 260Z for GTA, so will need correct badges
  6. monster875

    1974 260Z emblem, badges and ornaments

    Could u take pics of the badges top-down view?
  7. monster875

    1974 260Z emblem, badges and ornaments

    Know both ones, but both shows different badges for each place. That's why it would be nice if someone with a 1974 260Z would show up in this thread
  8. can any of u plz show me a complete set of badges, emblems and ornaments the 1974 260Z had? tnx in advance
  9. monster875

    Video: GTA 4/EFLC Datsun 240Z 1970

    yet again, my car mod
  10. monster875

    GTA crash testing 240z

    another vid of my car mod here
  11. monster875

    1971 BRE 240Z stuff

    As some of u might know, i've been working on 3d models of the stock '70 Z and '71 EAS, but now the time has come to the BRE. Could anyone provide pics of the interior, underbody (or just exhaust) and engine pics? Tnx in advance
  12. monster875

    Special Z's?

    hey guys. just watched a vid of the Z432-R, and the person in the video showed a book of some special Z's. those r: Z432 Z432R Fairlady Z-L Fairlady Z-T what's the difference on those? all i know about those is that the Z432R got the same engine as the '71 Skyline 2000GTR and there's made 20 of it.
  13. monster875

    Any other Dark brown Z owners out there?

    the "****" looking brown color actually looks nice and classic on the Z tho, ofc doesn't beat the Sunset Orange color, but deffinently close to it

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