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  1. thanks carl, that makes sense as to why this is too long. i didn't even realize there was a 2+2 model in 73. i guess these were the initial models.
  2. the nissan/datsun label has "cover overhead" 73812-N4526. it's a passenger side molding.
  3. thanks, i had the same thoughts as you. the package still appears to have datsun labels on it so i'm going to stop by the nissan dealer and see if they have any ideas with identifying what/how its longer. old cars, you have to love them!
  4. i need help from someone with a 2 plus 2 car as i think i've purchased an incorrect nos drip rail molding which was supposed to be for my 73 240z. the existing drip rail runs 20 inches up the window vertically and 36 inches horizontally along the roof line. the nos replacement i was shipped has the same 20 inch vertical rise, but runs 38 inches along the roof. does anyone know if this is for a newer car, ie post 73, or a 2 plus 2 model? if someone needs one, it's nos perfect in the bag.
  5. you are correct. i didn't notice that. the code i was referring to was on the window sticker that was posted on the other forum on repro window stickers. i haven't found anything on that 3 digit one alpha code.
  6. anyone have any idea where the numberical prefix is for the dealers? i was trying to make a repro window sticker for my car and noticed on one that was posted from 1973 that it had a 568A before the dealer. this doesn't correspond with the 6 digit number in the dealer listed posted above.
  7. anyone know what size the 73 example is in real life? thx
  8. i have a 73 and some decent records including the original selling dealer. all input appreciated.
  9. has anyone ever seen reproduction window stickers available for the old z cars? i know certain popular collector cars have been recreated but haven't seen them on the zcars.
  10. i'm pulling my 73 front bumper off this winter to redo it. any tips/pointers on the exercise? i haven't seen where anyone sells a complete reproduction for this year, but any input would be appreciated. also, anyone know a source for a passenger side roof rail trim piece. i understand they are difficult to ship. thanks in advance
  11. many thanks, i learn a little each day. a little more, now that we have the internet.
  12. i just complete my conversion over to the z therapy su carb setup on my 73 z and i'm very pleased with the result. I was curious as to those who have the same setup what has been their cold start strategy as far as the choke, etc. do you pump the accelerator at all or just open the choke, wait and fire. all carbs are a little different and i wondered what members have found works best.
  13. actually, it is a 73 240z, but i'm in the process of updating the car with a set of ztherapy su's and boxing my hitachis.
  14. has anyone had any luck with finding air filer elements with any of big auto part chains?
  15. thanks, i saw that and had a hard time pulling the trigger at 28 dollars a can. After all, how many oranges can there be, particulalry under the hood.
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