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  1. I will post in the classifieds, since there might be a huge mix in the years and models thanks
  2. Oh and I might trade parts for parts looking for some stuff for my z like a set of euro tail lights, RB26DETT head, RB30 Block, R34 gtr 6 speed trans, transfercase with oil pan, rear end.
  3. I am putting a parts list together and will post the full list. It was -5 deg outside when I was loading everything up so I was not really looking what was there I did see some glass and fenders but I haven't looked what year they are for.
  4. Hi everyone I just bought out a Datsun dealership that has been sitting closed since 80 I have a 25 foot trailer full of parts and will be using what I need for my 73 240z but anything extra I will be posting here. There is a ton of parts bran new in the box new glass fenders, bumpers etc I'm sure most of you will have a hard on for this stuff I know I was excited.
  5. I need the dimensions for the front crosmember holes and the distance from the very rear lower control arm mount to the front. I almost have all the dimensions just missing these last 2
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