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  1. I was almost thinking of installing doors on the front seeing as the damage has been done. I could store a spare quart of oil there (or weed, it's legal in my state now! but no smoking in my car!).
  2. Thinking...... could be many things, bad cold start injector, bad FPR, bad temp sensor. sounds like to much fuel is being dumped. Is there any black smoke when it does run?
  3. I left mine unglued for a summer. Not to hot here in seattle. It warped, I would glue it down (full cover 77 280z).
  4. After work tomorrow I will compare youre setup with mine. I am sure that spring does not belong there, at least it is not stock. I am not an expert on valve adjustment. Check some of the other writeups. I have tried adjusting the valves hot, as it should be done but I am not fast enough so what I have done is adjust them cold then I warm the engine and check for the hot specs. Adjusting the valves is not hard, it can actually be sort of fun if you are in the mood. eachl lobe should point up when you check clearance. use a remote starter to make life easer. Also it will be a good time to visualy inspect the valve train. Also do not be alarmed if the rockers seem to be loose when there respective lobe is up, this is normal.
  5. I have a 77 also. I am unsure what a big throat throttle body is, so I am just comparing youre picture to my car. Could you upload a whole engine bay photo? If you remove the spring (the one in the third photo) will youre throttle return? It is starting to look like this may be one culprit.
  6. First thing I notice from the pictures is the throttle return spring is totally incorrect, both in its location and style.
  7. I would suggest that you make sure all of the EFI systems are working properly before tricking the ECU. Only after you are sure would you consider inriching the mixture with added resistance.
  8. Hmmm, I am getting rusty on this since I have worked out most of the bugs on my 77. A leak at the intake manifold would cause a vacuum leak, this would lead to a lean condition, but youre vacuum reading does not seem that bad. Fuel pressure drop after turning off the car would seem normal after sometime but not immediate. Have you adjusted the idle speed yet? Has youre new AFM been adjusted to run rich? TPS adusted properly?
  9. grantf

    Carpet kits

    I started a new thread with pics a while back: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/thread47484.html
  10. I know this sounds obvious: Hve you checked the CSI for function yet?
  11. My car is a 77 so the electronics are a little different, but similar. My guess is a loose connection to the ignition control module or a failing ignition control module. This is just a guess due to the fact that I had similar symptoms. In my case it was simply the ground wire not having a contact. Due you have a meter and the FSM for youre year?
  12. yup just pop the rod out of the plastic clip. I hate replacing those handles, My hands do not fit in the tight space easily. Usually I end up loosing a little blood.
  13. Wow! I have the same situation! I just removed the brake bulb because it bugged me, but my regulation system is the same as yours. We should compare notes.
  14. I second the compression test. I used this guide: http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/compressiontest/index.html Also, are you loosing coolant? Replacing the head gasket is not a simple task, but not rocket science. be prepared to also replace youre intake/exhaust manifold gasket, probably new manifold studs and new head bolts. You will disconnecting all of the EFI electrical connections so lable them, be systimaticle and take youre time using penetrating oil on all bolts and nuts.
  15. grantf

    Wrapping a Dash

    I will be watching this. looks promising.
  16. You have issues. I am not sure if there is professional help for this sort of wire obsession. How much? (I could care less about color I am more interested in performance).
  17. No the hissing is not normal, and should be looked at, but I would agree with Zed Head regarding further testing of the AFM, this may lead to a possible culprit. You're statements regarding the P.O. hack wiring brings up a real good possibility also.
  18. My guess is something has been adjusted to account for a SUPER!! rich condition. My car will hardly run with the WTS disconnected. So with youre repair you are now running lean. This could be caused by a vacuum leak (not unheard of at all) or the AFM could have been tampered with in the past. I would check for vacuum leaks first then investigate the AFM sweeper next. Changing out the plugs will not fix the problem but they have indicated that you were running rich before youre repair. Also try some of the more simple tune ups to see what happens, like the idle speed adjust, TPS function etc. Good luck and keep posting results, a solution will come up. Edit: You are on the right track testing the resistance at the ECU connector. and it does suggest that something is amiss with the AFM' signal, You may just want to take a look inside the AFM carbon sweep cover, maybe even post a pic for comparison.
  19. My car is "mostly" back together. Over all I am happy with the carpet, again It's not perfect but for the price a good deal. One thing I did not notice till I vacuumed out the inside after most of the work was completed, was that they actually pre cut slots for the luggage straps. They are just cut into the carpet no surging or binding. This did get me to rummage around for the straps I had in storage that were never installed since I have owned the car, They still need to be cleaned up a bit. Also Thanks to siteunseen for sending me the center console armrest, It is awesome! Thanks! I still need to fasten it down, but it will work out great. Basically that's it. Cheers, Grant.
  20. No more smoking in my car (new carpet and dumped the tobacco). So if You wish to partake please step out side the vehicle. Here in Seattle there will be no repercussions if someone is j-walking (policy is that j-walking is to be enforced before described inhalation).
  21. My car was black. I painted it Yellow because that was the original color. I voted for original color, if that was not an option I would have been stuck between red, black and well.......... Yellow. I like the lime green. If that was the original color and if it were my car I would keep it lime green.
  22. I am pretty sure. It's missing the 5 speed diagram on the shift knob though.
  23. Well, the carpet installation is pretty much finished. Overall, for the price the MSA kit is not to bad, It's not perfect though. The more time spent positioning each peace the better the outcome. It should have had more carpet on the outboard edges of the forward floor piece and the heal pad should be a little smaller or positioned better. I had many options for carpet. I almost whent with Datsun spirit but I finally decided that I did not want sectional carpet, though I have seen some pictures around the web of sectional carpet that turned out really nice. That's it for now, Next I need to find some speakers and then put the rest of the interior back together.
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