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need help removing door handle 78 280z


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I need to get the door handle off. I have already removed the door panel and the lock.

I unscrewed the two nuts that hold the door handle in place but there seems to be some sort of wire clip holding the door handle to a rod. I cant get this thing off for the life of me.

Im hoping someone could give me some tips on getting the door handle unlinked from the rod.

some instructions would be extremely appreciated.

Heres a pic to show you what I mean


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The wire in the picture is just the spring for the handle. The end of the rod is a press fit through the plastic piece that is in the hole on the door handle piece. It's L-shaped at the end. I think that I stuck a wide screwdriver between the rod and the door handle piece and popped it out with a twisting motion but it was difficult since I was trying not to break the handle. If I was going to try again I might stick a wider chisel end or scraper in there to twist the rod out, levering off of the inner door handle.

When you re-install it, it's just a press fit to pop the rod end through the hole n the plastic piece. Still difficult unless you have strong finger tips. Not much room to squeeze.

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