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MSA (ACC) Carpet kit has arrived.


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The carpet kit was waiting for me on the front porch when I got home from work.

I will document my installation progress over the next few days.

My first impression is: well I am not super impressed, but I am not discouraged ether. I think the more carfull I am installing it the better the outcome will be.

For starters I have simply laid the cargo area carpet in the car to help flatten it out, so far it fits pretty good. One question though, The cargo area carpet extends down the front shelf behind the seats. Should I cut this into two peices or fold it?

Any tips would be great before I start.

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started with removing the seats and found the usuall (spare change, but no french fries to munch on):


You can see how poor the installation was from the P.O. check this out:


He actually left some of the originl carpet in and glued over it. This may be a good thing as I may reuse the rubber slots for the seat belts. Also I may be able to use the rear peice he left behind for referance.

cut outs for the Boston speakers that I have been using that the P.O. installed:


I probably will not put them back, it's a shame though, those speakers sounded really good.

And I found this, I was wondering why there used to be only one window crank when I got the car:


Anyhow that's it for now. I am a little concered about rust. I see no evedence of rust through but it's there. Also any suggestions on new e-brake boot snaps?



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Also any suggestions on new e-brake boot snaps?

You can get them at arts and crafts stores, often with the leather crafting supplies. You'll want a Snap Anvil/Hammer and then of course the snaps.

My mum makes cloth diapers, and she has a tool that's made for that as well, but the leather crafting supplies are probably more durable and can be used on metal snaps.

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I still have my old 77 console that opens from the side sitting in the basement, I just cant seem to throw anything away including the old door panels, they were in good shape other than the speaker holes the P.O. hacked into them.

Progress has been slow today on the carpet. Had to work early this morning, a floor transfer for a rock show, some band called the XX.

I have the rear cargo carpet in place and the rear floor peice loosely fitted.

The fit on this kit is not perfect but with some pushing around and patients I think it will turn out pretty good. I will post a few pics when the sun stops glaring on the car.

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Work has been slow, mostly trying to find the time to do this and not rush the installation.

The hatch carpet came with two holes pre cut to help locate the screws for the deck trim. This was nice of them but I still needed to shift the carpet around to make it line up best.

I then brought out the soldering iron and melted the rest of the holes and bolted the sill down. When I was satisfide with the placement I spray glued the vertical portion in place thou it may still need a little adjustment.

The rear floor area I pushed around a little more until I was satisfide with it's location and melted holes for the rear seat bolts and the outer seat belt bracket bolts.I then pinned down the carpet with the bolts. It still will need a little adjusting hear and there also.


At this point I was satisfide with the inner seat belt slots. I removed the carpet and brought it inside to sew the old rubber trim piece on. I used thick nylon thread with a hook needle. It was not easy at all as I am not very good at sewing. So far I have one side done, taking me about 3 hours.


Anyhow It actually turned out pretty good considering my lack of semester skills.

More to come.


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