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  1. Those are watanabe 16x9 and 16x9.5 on hancook ventus r-s3's
  2. Maybe just a little further
  3. Does anyone have any more ideas as to why I am experiencing this only while decelerating in gear?
  4. Thank you captain, but remember that I am only experiencing this while decelerating in gear, If I am coasting in neutral I do not experience the burning eyes
  5. Just to specify, you say I may be pushing clouds of atomized gasoline mixed with oil out the tail pipe, the only problem is if there were worn rings or valve seals there would be smoke, and there is not. There is also no coolant in the oil or vice versa to indicate a head gasket leak. As far as I understand the BCDD, it has nothing to do with mixture at high manifold vacuum, it only prevents the idle from dropping too quickly on coast and between shifts.
  6. If your hearing a click when you move the counter weight then it is either your fuel pump relay, because that contact causes to fuel pump to kick on, or it is your fuel injection relay. The fuel pump relay is above the fuse box on passenger side, fuel injection relay is up under the dash on the drivers side above your left knee
  7. Just curious, which plugs are you using now, they look like ngk iridiums, if so whats the number on them?
  8. Yes its worse the higher the rpm is, my compression is good, do I use oil? and i know the bcdd is working, but I am not sure if it is adjusted properly, the douche at the smog station messed with it about a year ago and despite reading the FSM, I am not sure how to adjust properly
  9. that was my thought, maybe egr malfunctioning, I did discover today that the little vacuum delay valve is not working properly, its supposed to be easier to blow in one side than the other and was equally easy on both sides, im not sure i that would make the egr stay open all the time or closed all the time? As to the other comment about having high manifold vacuum, I was running a bit rich and I dont rem where I read that improper mixture affects the manifold vacuum, is it rich=higher vacuum or rich=lower vacuum?
  10. Sorry guys, it is stock except for a Borla muffler
  11. Hey everyone, my 77, which is bone stock, burns my eyes on deceleration while in gear. The exhaust fumes are so bad that they burn my eyes, but this is only with the drivers side window down and only while decelerating in gear. Anyone have thoughts as to what may be causing this?
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure how my alternator is wired the way it is and still working. My car is a 77 and has been swapped to the internally regulated unit. According to the write up on Atlantic z, the wires to be connected from the harness side are 2 to 3 and 1 to 5. My car has wire number 5 connected to wire number 6 with a diode in between. I am curious how this is working and I realize that my brake check warning lamp and voltmeter light arent working but it does not currently affect the way the car runs it is however hard to start when cold and when I say cold I mean sat overnight regardless of the outside temperature.
  13. Actually if you read the factory shop manual, you are supposed to have 5 3/4 quarts, with the 3/4 qt being for the oil filter
  14. and thanks for everyone elses input
  15. thanks leon, I know, but sometimes I really like the looks of them
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