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  1. I have a certified welder ready to weld the part on. And we plan to coat afterwards. Issue is I am having trouble finding rails for a 2+2. I guess I can use the standards ones with some modification. I assume the parts weld on. Thanks.
  2. I know that the damage is structural and not cosmetic. The question is are the replacement parts structural or cosmetic? Thanks.
  3. I was looking at this site. http://www.datsunzparts.com/thanks.html
  4. This is the passenger side I believe caused by a brake line leak. When you say needs "frame rails and floor pans". Is that something that can be purchased? I saw some sheet metal ones for sale but kind of feel this is cosmetic not structural. I am getting a lot of interest from my listing but feel it is going to be difficult to sale with the rust issue. Thanks.
  5. I am in the process of selling my 76 280Z 2+2. Recently I had a brake line leak that was fixed but I believe caused a rust issue. I am attaching a photo of the concerned area. For reference it is about the size of a baseball. I have seen some replacement pieces for sale, I think that are welded on, for a fix. However, it appears to me that these pieces are more cosmetic than structural. I do have access to a good welder so welding is an option. Thoughts/Comments/Suggestions.
  6. Well I have been talking and thinking about this for a while now; however, today is the day the Z goes on the market. Just curious if anyone can give advice on the best way to sale? Ebay? Marketplace? other? I thought about taking offers for 30 days and then going with the best offer assuming the offer is basically acceptable. I am in Louisville, KY and can go a year without seeing another 70's model z car. Not sure if that is good or bad. I have no idea what the car will sale for or even how to answer the question on what condition it is currently in. It is a 76 280 2+2 far from show quality and probably considered good condition but not sure. Thoughts? Comment? Anyone have success in selling one and where/site? I can send photos etc. but just looking for basic sales advice not wanting this to be an ad. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am trying to get my 76 280Z 2+2 back on the road and currently have a brake line leak. It is about half way back on the passenger side. I am not real knowledgeable on repairing brake lines but was hoping to be able to just cut a section out and add some fittings and a short piece of brake line. Can someone that knows more than me recommend a repair procedure? What is the brake line size? etc. Thanks.
  8. Thanks to everyone for such a quick response. I did not notice the additional responses and have already ordered the ones from zcardepot.
  9. OK, so I am wrapping up getting the 76z ready for sale. Obviously taking my time to part ways. I am installing my fuel injector / railing and one of the plastic injector holders broke. I am pretty sure that all of the parts including the injectors were original. I am having trouble locating the proper part to purchase. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. This may be a stupid question 340260280 but what size resistor should be used. Thanks.
  11. Thanks siteunseen. I noticed posts saying fj707t or fj707s and noticed the ones at O'Reilly's just say fj707. What does the t and s mean? The ones at O'Reilly's are $56. Not sure if they are in stock.
  12. Other question is if I replace the two fuel injectors does it matter what brand. Thanks.
  13. Getting ready to soak 2 of my fuel injectors that appear to be clogged. I was planning on soaking them with seafoam. I just read a post that said never to soak them in any kind of cleaner because the coil I’ll get damaged. Thoughts/Comments.
  14. I will try and search but I would like to clean in my engine bay area. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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