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  1. bhermes

    76 280Z 2+2 Sale

    I think he was drunk. LOL. Not a show room job by any means but not bad. When I got the car it had no paint on it what so ever and I was getting concerned about salt roads and rust. I am trying to remember where they came from. Why do you ask? I had some electrical issues with alternator and external voltage regulator and if I recall that caused issues with the links. Upgraded to the 60 amp alternator with the internal voltage regulator. Thanks.
  2. bhermes

    76 280Z 2+2 Sale

    And its a 4 speed manual... Thanks.
  3. bhermes

    76 280Z 2+2 Sale

    I will try and get a few pics and short video in the next day or so. One other thought and again I realize it is hard to predict; but it seems like prices have gone up lately. Just curious if you guys have any thoughts to how things may go over the next few years. Thanks and pics and video coming soon.
  4. Trying to decide whether to part with my 1976 Datsun 280Z 2+2. I really do not want to but to many other projects I want to do. I realize this is solely and highly dependent on condition but trying to see what the market is actually seeing. My car is for the most part stock. It does not have the original bumpers but a body kit. It has around 80,000 miles with original engine. The Alternator has been upgraded to the 1978 or 79 alternator. Can't remember if they are the same. Painted a few years ago; however, average paint job. 99% rust free. Drives fine. No AC at this point. Not sure what is needed to get going but I think not much. I bought a belt or something about 4 years ago but never got around to fixing. Interior is good but carpet could be replaced. Drivers seat was redone recently and passenger seat and rear seat in good condition. Dash is cracked with cover. Window rubbers need replacing. My other option is to put some money into the car and decide then what to do. Finally, I am in Louisville,KY and you can go months without seeing a 70's model datsun 280z. Not sure if that is good or bad. Just thought it would be interesting to see what the group thinks. Thanks.
  5. I removed the clam shell around the steering column to get a better look at the turn signal switch. I played a little with the turn signal lever and I did get both signals to work properly a few times. It then stopped working again. It appears that my problem is in the switch and maybe intermittent contact in the right turn signal position. I did look through the turn signal repair post but I am concerned that the work is a little much for me to do successfully. I am wondering if I could just try and spray something into the switch area? I may attempt the repair and maybe it is not as hard as it looks. I will update when resolved for future reference. Thanks.
  6. So SteveJ is I can fully understand your post, and thanks for the detail, if everything is working except the right turn signal light blinking on dash and right turn signal outside then it is either the turn signal switch or wiring for that specific side. If the hazards are working properly then does that minimize the wiring possibilities. I am trying to walk through the wiring diagram to isolate the possible issues if not the switch. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Two thoughts and remember I am not really good with electrical stuff. What triggers the internal light flasher on the dash? If this does not work does that mean it must be in the switch or could it still be wiring? I will look at the wiring diagram but is there one housing for both turn signals coming off of the switch or a separate connection for right and left? Does the fact that the hazard lights work tell me anything? I will start looking into and cleaning the switch. Again thanks.
  8. I am on the verge of making my 76 280Z a daily driver. I will be starting a new job only about 3 miles from the house and plan on driving daily. I have been going over things and at this point the car is starting and driving fine. Of course the priority was getting the radio, amp and sub installed. Everything seems to be working except the right turn signal. All other lights work fine. No interior flasher or exterior turn signal for the right side. Left side is fine. I have read through some posts and it appears according to the post the issue may be the turn signal switch. Just thought before I get into this I would confirm if there is something else I should consider first. Thanks in advance.
  9. Before I go any further I just want to thank everyone for their input on this issue. I am going to at least let someone that knows more than me, real paint shop, look at this and give me some advice. Prior to getting it painted I did go to the local reputable shop and they quoted me $8000. I purchased the car for $2000 and have repaired about $1500 worth of items. It was hard to justify $8k. I also would like to get new wheels and tires. One day I will bit the bullet. Thanks.
  10. I assume that the clay process is not real aggressive or do I need to be concerned about removing paint? Obviously if this is primarily orange peel then something will need to be removed. Otherwise I will go for this over the weekend. Thanks.
  11. At this point I am leaning toward clay bar then either the Megular's #7 or the 3M finesse II. Unless someone has other suggestions. I did email the person that painted the car to see how many coats of paint he applied. My guess is if 1 or 2 then I will probably not here back from him. I realize that I may be trying to polish a turd here but worth trying a few things before repainting. Going to a professional shop is probably the best idea but not really ready for that expense yet. Thanks.
  12. Just one of those "You get what you pay for" times. $500. I was going to try myself but just did not have time then and needed paint prior to driving in the winter. Cr was pretty much paintless at the time. One day I will get it repainted but for now was just looking to get it looking a little better. Will the 3M product help??? Thanks
  13. I have attached a couple close up photos. Not sure if this helps.
  14. Anyone else here have experience with the 3M Finesse-it II product? The cost is not to bad, about $50 and may be worth trying. I am a little concern that the problem may be from prep prior to painting and I may be getting all that I can at this point. Regardless may be worth the effort to try the 3M stuff. Thanks.
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