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  1. Thanks to everyone for such a quick response. I did not notice the additional responses and have already ordered the ones from zcardepot.
  2. OK, so I am wrapping up getting the 76z ready for sale. Obviously taking my time to part ways. I am installing my fuel injector / railing and one of the plastic injector holders broke. I am pretty sure that all of the parts including the injectors were original. I am having trouble locating the proper part to purchase. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. This may be a stupid question 340260280 but what size resistor should be used. Thanks.
  4. Thanks siteunseen. I noticed posts saying fj707t or fj707s and noticed the ones at O'Reilly's just say fj707. What does the t and s mean? The ones at O'Reilly's are $56. Not sure if they are in stock.
  5. Other question is if I replace the two fuel injectors does it matter what brand. Thanks.
  6. Getting ready to soak 2 of my fuel injectors that appear to be clogged. I was planning on soaking them with seafoam. I just read a post that said never to soak them in any kind of cleaner because the coil I’ll get damaged. Thoughts/Comments.
  7. I will try and search but I would like to clean in my engine bay area. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  8. Yep on the cleaning. Replaced the main ground strap. Hooked up the dangling lead. Checked the fusible links. Car started right up. The connection at the fuel pump is loose so I need to fix it. Thanks
  9. This might be a real stupid question but will this keep the car from starting? Thanks.
  10. OK, as everything goes I am having trouble getting the 280 started after sitting for 6 months or so. I am getting 1.3V at the fuel pump. When I forced 12 volts to it I did get fuel flow. I thought I would send over some photos for review. I am going to replace ground strap/wire to body and clean up the other wire coming off the negative battery terminal today. I am focused on the two other connectors to the battery. If you notice in the photo, one of them is going to nothing and the other to the positive terminal with one leg broke out. The wiring diagram shows one male and one
  11. SteveJ, did you get the PM? Just making sure it went through.
  12. Thanks, I will let you guys know how the sale goes. Going to do just a quick little clean up and should be posted within the next week or so.
  13. Anyone have an idea on the best way to sale these cars? I can go a year here in Louisville, KY without seeing a 70's model z. I assume there will be enough interest in the area but not sure. Thanks
  14. It is a sad day in my life. I have decided it is time to part with my 1976 280Z 2+2. Also losing my 2008 LR3 due to jumping timing unless I can find someone to fix reasonably. I am having a real difficult time determining a value/price for my 280. I know that this is almost impossible to determine based on actual condition of the vehicle. Just looking for some decent advice. Car details - 80,000 miles - Mechanically good - Average paint job no where near show quality 7/10 - Interior probably a 7/10. Seats are really good but the carpet needs to probably b
  15. I think he was drunk. LOL. Not a show room job by any means but not bad. When I got the car it had no paint on it what so ever and I was getting concerned about salt roads and rust. I am trying to remember where they came from. Why do you ask? I had some electrical issues with alternator and external voltage regulator and if I recall that caused issues with the links. Upgraded to the 60 amp alternator with the internal voltage regulator. Thanks.
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