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  1. What do you guys think of something like this? Is it remotely possible or is it just too much fab work and money involved to get it done right??
  2. Hello I need to replace the rear valance on a 280z. There is a pretty bad dent that cant be covered with body filler. I think my best option is replacing the valance, but Id like to know if I could get a ball park estimate on how much it would cost to have someone replace it. I live in phoenix Az.
  3. I was able to accomplish my task without having to remove the sugar scoops! I needed to sand both of them down but the headlights were in the way. so I did this--- remove the inner fender liner. There should be 4 10 mm bolts holding it in place. move the front wheel so that you can fit your arm behind the headlight. remove the 4 silver screws holding the headlight in place. pop the headlight. Done. I was able to sand down the sugar scoops. No need to worry about re aligning the sugar scoops with the fenders Thanks for the help guys. I love this forum!
  4. Hello I need to get the door handle off. I have already removed the door panel and the lock. I unscrewed the two nuts that hold the door handle in place but there seems to be some sort of wire clip holding the door handle to a rod. I cant get this thing off for the life of me. Im hoping someone could give me some tips on getting the door handle unlinked from the rod. some instructions would be extremely appreciated. Heres a pic to show you what I mean
  5. Hello I need to remove both of the headlight cases on my Z. Can someone please explain how to remove them? I dont want to go all crazy and start unbolting and unscrewing things that do not need to be messed with. Thanks!!!
  6. Hello I just got my pistons off. I reviewed the FSM and the how to rebuild datsun engines book but I cant find the part where it talks about the main cap bolt removal sequence. The books warns about warping the head when the bolts are not taken off properly. What about the main cap bolts?? should they come off in a certain order?
  7. Hello I just picked up an engine stand yesterday and I am going to place the engine on the stand to start the rebuild. Im not sure if it would be wise to send my block out to a machine shop to have the cylinders honed, and deck resurfaced first. Is it a good idea to do?? Ive heard many times that the l28 crank case is legendary in its ruggedness so I dont know if taking the crank case to the machine shop is even necessary. What should I do?? my cylinder walls look pretty clean. the deck surface is not rusty or scratched. Whats the ballpark price I would be paying to have my crank case reconditioned?? what is your experiece in rebuilding an l28?? I assume that most of the time the crank case needs no work??
  8. Block is out now Next update Ill have the entire car sanded to bare metal
  9. Yeh man I lifted a 400 small block out of a 72 impala by hand once. Those blocks are heavy as hell. Some new updates!!!! I started working on sanding the body. I am not happy with the paint job or the color so I decided Ill re do it myself. Ive had quite a bit of experience with prep work so this will be a walk thru the park. I havent decided on a color yet. I was thinking kawasaki green.. Maybe orange? a couple of pics of my neighbors z car. The guy just had the entire engine rebuilt but hes just leaving it sit there for a long time. and some work in progress shots of the 280 I was almost going to try and remove the engine block from underneath the car without the engine hoist. had a bunch of engine stands and 2.5 ton jack to get it done. I decided not to do it that way. closeup of the paint job, notice the orange peel effect. I saw a spot near the bottom of the front fender that had some deep scratches, with base coat and clear coat over it. Seemed like the painters really didnt put there all into it or were just being lazy. Had it been my guys I would have fired them. some more shots of the car. And also picked up an engine hoist. Im going to take out the block today and post some more pictures later.
  10. the car vibrates pretty rough when Im going above 65. I was wondering if maybe my tires are unbalanced. Im not hearing any grinding sounds or anything so hopefully its just that. What are some other causes for vibration? bad struts?? bad transmission mount??
  11. Mines is at the 70,000 mark. I still have a ways to go!
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