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  1. Hi JMW, I haven't been on the forum for a long-time, but when I read your post, I had to respond. I had a similar problem with my 82 zx turbo about two years ago. It was so frustrating, I was ready to sell it for parts (and it is pretty pristine). A few months after purchasing the car I noticed an intermittent failure to start. As a result I would bring it to several Z shop in Los Angeles ( no names ), spend a ton of money on it it would work for a few days and the go back to intermittent failure to start. After going through a similar journey to yours, I made some progress. I learned that if I pulled the wire and set it next to some metal on the car it would intermittently send a blue spark. If it sparked, then it started immediately. No blue spark, no start and no way to determine if it would spark. Finally I sent it to Mike's Z Shop in Whittier. He kept if for almost a month. His first attempt was to rebuild the dizzy. I disagreed, but wanted to respect his opinion. He thought the problem was fixed, but wanted to drive her for a few weeks to double check. The it failed to start for him. He eventually realized that the ECU had a small hairline crack in it and if the temperature/humidity/whatever was right it would work and then it wouldn't. He replaced it with a used ECU and for the past two years it has been perfect. I love the car and it can sit for a couple of months and still starts on the first few cranks. This may not have anything to do with your cars problems, but I know how frustrating it can be. Hang in there and good luck. Larry G
  2. Hi esmit I have wondered about the ECM/ECU myself. The car is pristine w/ 86k original miles and not a spot of rust (Cali and Colorado car). I doubt it is water related. I heard that the ECU can be checked for error message by those flashing lights. Wonder why the last three mechanics did not check for it? I have tried the shop in Venice w/o good luck and am looking for someone new. Thanks
  3. Hi Grant Thanks for the quick reply. I realize this may sound lame, but I just don't have enough experience with cars. The number of wires, transistors and 80's electronics on my 1982 turbo is intimidating to a novice. I figure if three mechanics at dedicated z shops haven't figured it out, I'll just screw something up. Any help with finding an honest an knowledgeable shop near LA would be great. Thanks
  4. Hi Z experts I have been chasing an electric gremlin in my 1982 280zx turbo for the past four years. Shortly after purchase, the car would intermittently turn over, but not fire. If I pull the wire from the coil to distributer it will either spark or not spark. If it sparks, I plug it back into the distributer, starts after one crank and drives perfectly. If no spark, it does not fire-up. Any given day you never know if it will start. As a result, I have not been able to use the car due to risk of getting stranded. I have had it worked on three times. Once by a z expert in Venice and twice in Glendale. Each time they say it seems fixed and shortly after the same problem starts. I am ready to try a new mechanic and found good reviews for Mikes on Yelp. Anyone have any experience with them. I live in Santa Monica. It's far to tow the car, but I am desperate. It is a shame to have this amazing car (when it starts) sitting in my garage gathering dust. Thanks!
  5. Hi Z-experts- I am a new owner and new to the forums. I hope this is the correct place to post this. I just purchased a 1982 280ZXT 5-speed. It is in pretty decent shape with 85k. Does anyone have a good mechanic, body shop and leather repair suggestions. I have found Z Expert (Venice), Sunrise Z (Glendale), Pierre Z (Hawthorne) and Precision Z (Canoga park). Thanks! Larry G
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