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    My uncle had a new 1971 240Z back in the day and I was allowed the occasional drive. A real babe magnet & head turner. So, Iast year I bought myself a 5/70 240Z . A California car but still with rust issues and neglect. The car is now in Portugal and the local bodyshop has sorted out all the body issues. Four coats of paint later and looking good. All suspension rubber, ball joints, spindle pins, u-joints replaced. Dash cracks all fixed. I want the car to look & drive amazing - but takes time and money. Still a work in progress.

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  1. Thank you for correcting the orientation and the info on its possible meaning. Adds to my restoration story. Dash going back in car after 2 years of pain/joy/hard work and money. Cheers
  2. Adding to the database. VIN ...3024
  3. The world is getting even smaller. I lived in Hinchley Wood, Esher until 2006. Small world. I must be the other guy in Epsom with a 240Z. I see there are 381 240Zs registered in UK as of last year and that’s been increasing by about 30 per year [note, also 149 260Zs]. I guess the increasing numbers represent imports mostly from The USA. So we have company – we are not alone. I wonder how many are left in the USA or other countries – anybody have any numbers.
  4. Regretfully, I didn’t think to cover my rebuild with a project thread . Wiring has been a pain as I have been juggling 3 or 4 wiring diagrams to understand my particular wiring. Currently working on the steering column, checking the turn and light switches. Probably will open up and clean the terminals before putting back in. Also fitting new u-joints in the column before reassembly in the car. I am in Epsom Surrey, there is a guy in Dorking Surrey with a 240Z and a guy near Southampton with about six 240Zs in various stages of undress and tons of spares. Going to our monthly Cl
  5. Hi Woody. Great topic and congratulations are in order for creating a beauty. Just for information - I’m new to this forum and I also live in Surrey UK restoring a 5/70 240Z. Mine is an ex-California car but still suffered from the rust worm – but no more, as she has been in the bodyshop for a year getting a full body makeover. All the rubber, pins and things underneath have been replaced and now I’m putting all the interior back together. I spent forever refurbishing the cracked dash and now looks like new. Didn’t like the dash cap that came with the car. My car started red, then orange
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