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  1. Realizing this is a very old thread .... anyway thought it would be interesting to post a picture of the original oil filler cap on our 1971 FairladyZ-L.
  2. Darn. Rebuilt mine and I see now from this I made an error and put the new oil seal in upside down without doing the retainer ring because my fuel pump didn't have the seal in it when I took it apart and it was the original one on the car. Made in May 1971. Wonder how it got left off? Maybe rebuilt before and it was left out? Had 76,000 miles on it when it failed.
  3. It had Yokahamas on it when I got it 36 years ago, and the spare is a Toyo but on a 1976 rim ... so I really don't know what it had originally.
  4. Apparently Bridgestone makes 195/70/14 which would be close. I think that's what I'm going with on the 5" rims. There is an original spare in good condition on a 4.5" on eBay now; I bought one of the three he was selling for the spare. At least the damn cover will sit flat.
  5. Original size, but not original make. Those would be Bridgestones ... NLA
  6. Didn't find those on their website ... :-(
  7. 4.5" on the early FairladyZ and 5" on the 1971 on, at least that is what I've been told. .... I finally located a set of 5" steel wheels and am trying to locate tires, hopefully Bridgestones, which will be correct. I'm going to put the 4.5" in the spare spot so the lid will close, and run the 5". Is there a tire made today which would be "correct" for the 5" rims on a 1971?
  8. I got both brake cylinders and master cylinder from local Nissan dealer. Also got kits from Canada and rebuilt the old ones. If buying new, you have to use the adjusting arm for the left wheel cylinder from your old one; the new ones come only with the right one for some reason.
  9. Okay, you-all have convinced me to give it a try. I like the garbage trick. Friend said that's the hardest part, getting the skin over the foam.
  10. I'm wondering the same thing about the webbing as Zhead240 ... I got the webbing set and looking at your installation pics and writeup (very good by the way) I don't see where the webbing is used in the 1971 Z. Could someone illuminate this please?
  11. I think there is a right and a left; same for the foam kit.
  12. Old post but I'll update it anyway. I tried many times and ways to contact Les at Classic Datsun to purchase his seat coverings and foam kit, but never got a reply. Finally went with the kit made by SeatZ and vended via Motorsports. Very good quality.
  13. I've the foam, webbing, and seat cover set from Motorsports but I'm no way qualified to do this work without hosing it up. And I don't have the "hogrings, or tools for it" A man's gotta know his limitations :-) No instructions came with it so I'm not even sure where one would begin. I'm also concerned that if I start and screw it up an upholstery shop isn't going to touch it.
  14. Realizing this is an old post, did you go to Rodger's Upholstry to get the work done and how did it turn out if you did? I need to get two 240Z seats reupholstered .... thanks!
  15. I'm seeking to contact other owners of 1971 FairladyZ-L cars who are not on the Facebook page for these cars but are in the USA. Interested in sharing information about our cars. I have a May build, a "transition car", with features of both early and late Series 1. Anyone who isn't the US who has one is welcome to trade info as well. Like the Voyager spacecraft I'm asking "anybody out there?" ZMystery The Spookmobile
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