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    Currently own 2 1972 Vintage Z's and a 1973 240Z with 6,000 original miles.

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  1. I recently acquired these slotted mags wheels for my '72 240. I have never seen center caps like this with the D on them. Part number is 40343-W5710. Does anyone out there know about these? I love them and am thinking they are very rare.
  2. Thanks for putting the Hemming's link up Carl.....appreciate you thinking of that!
  3. The VZ is gone from EBay due to the fact that it was sold. Actually I thought about "throwing my hat into the ring" for a period of time yesterday but backed off when I knew a Z friend of mine was working out an off-EBay deal with the seller. Congrats to my friend and although I don't know the exact selling price I do know it was over $40K.
  4. Being an owner of a Vintage Z ('72 lime) I can really appreciate the beauty in this 1970 Vintage Z. I took the time to "correct" as some of you call the "issues" with the Vintage Z's. Working with a beautiful base car like that (and mine) makes the few "tweaks" I had to do very minor. None of the Vintage Z's can be considered stock....they were meant to be close but not 100%. Most if not all do not have luggage straps and a lot (mine included) did not come with radio's. I later installed a stock AM/FM radio. I personally hope it sells for $50K++ as it will bode well for all the VZ owners
  5. I have been lucky enough to have been invited (for the past 2 years) to a beautiful Concours here in Beverly Mass. It is known as The Misslewood Concours and is located on a college campus right on the ocean with spectacular views. In 2012 I was shocked to find out I had won my class!! The class was "Most Influential Car of the '70's". They do things a bit different there with the classes. Finally, I just learned I have been invited back for my 3rd year....can't wait!
  6. Carl - you know this silver Z to. It was bought by our friend who at the time lived in GA (now FL). I think when he bought it it had 5K miles on it. He did a ton of work to it as it sat for 25 years....I bought it from him a few years back....and eventually sold it to the collector in Long Island. Jeff Mader
  7. Hi All - had to chime in.......the silver 1973 was my car for about 2 years...I believe I owned it from 2009 to 2011. I bought it from a collector/friend in GA (he lived there at that time)....if it has an automatic transmission than it definitly was mine. I sold it in 2011 to another collector/friend in Long Island NY who either consigned it or sold it to the dealer in NY. When I got the '73 it had about 6,000 miles on it so I put about 1,000 miles per year on it over that period of time. I wanted to drive it but didn't want to hit 10,000 miles so I decided to sell it. I bought it with the
  8. Guy - very well said....I was looking at it from an "awards" perspective.....you're right it's all about the people.
  9. Guy - if you notice I made no mention of my awards at ZCON 2010 and 2011....they are trophies and I really could care less (although kickin' your butt was as good as it gets)!! Really, I am kidding....Guy.....we both know what we are really after is a Gold Medallion. Anything less at ZCON is just "OK". Based on what I've seen with your latest Z my money is on you in 2013 for a Gold Medallion. Oh and thanks for the kind words....as always!!
  10. Thanks very much 26th-Z....appreciate the kind words. Jeff Mader
  11. I have a very nice 72 240Z (Lime) one of the 37 that was part of the Z Vintage Program from back in the mid to late 90's. Since owning it (4 years now) I have redone much of the engine bay area and cleaned up some of the small stress cracks in the paint. It is truely a "show car".....not a trailer queen as it does get driven. When I first started doing the show scene with it 4 years ago I couldn't understand why I didn't get 1st place in the Import/Foreign Class every time. When I didn't I would come home all pissed off about it. Finally, my wife had enough......"did you buy this car to w
  12. Nice work on the console Guy.......looks like new. Jeff Mader
  13. It is VERY difficult to get to Gold Medallion status (290 points or better). I have tried at the last 2 Conventions - Nashville and Savannah - and not attained that status. I had the highest point total in my class those 2 years but not the required 290 points. I am lucky to have gnosez close by and he has coached me on many of the things that I needed to do. I think I have a perfect or near perfect car and they STILL found stuff wrong. It's an immpressive award so it's not given out like candy....you really have to earn it. Keep the judges handbook close by and cover all the areas they w
  14. I agree Mike is the BEST........ Jeff Mader
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