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  1. Ive searched these blogs high and low for 0-60 times, and evry time i find a little something, someone always changes the subject and no one posts what they got. So, im asking evryone that reads this to get out your stop watch and see what you got, and come here and simply state what time your 0-60 is and what modifications you did to get that time ( even if your stocker posts it) . Lets see who the better driver is!
  2. hey, its KGL the other day i took my z for its first long rang drive. the results where great with the set up that i have on the car. it pulls really stronge. But on the way back home i started to feel a vibration and a noise when i let off the gas. so i nursed it home and jacked it up the next morning. and i discovered that it was the side bearing in my differetial and if this bearing is going the rest of them probably dont have much life left in them. so i decided to go ahead and change all the bearings in the rear end. and then i discoverd that these arnt very cheap bearings :disappoin . So
  3. Thanks for your replies Mike. After moving my wires around I was able to use the screw to button it down. I also called schnider cams and ask for a timing recomendation for thier stage two cam as it was not on the cam timing card. They suggested a setting of 10 to 12 degrees btdc. I set the timing at about 11 and proceded to go through the su set up procedure as recomended by z therapy. The car is running very well and as a side note my t light broke in the middle of all this so was forced to get a new one. So I purchased one with the adjustible knob. When all done with the set up I advanced t
  4. On to my next hurdle. In setting up the car should I stick to factory specs. for the timing with a stage two cam. As you well know the effect timing has on things (rpm ect.) I need to start with this so I can really start to dial in the su's. She's set up now by feel but it's time to finalize some settings. I've read some of the other posts about pinging set up and such and or setting at 3000 but need to make some timing tape since I don't have a fancy light. I will go one of these ways in lieu of further suggestions. Thanks kgl :squareeye
  5. Appreciate your reply Mike. Last night after posting I was thinking and realized I was on the wrong track and mixing up and combining spark and the valve/piston timing. I also knew that it was not the pump as I set it right when I built the motor( the offset/11.25 thing) but sitting here reading your post I know without checking it's the plug wires. When setting up the distrib. I thought it spun clk. wise ( v8 days) when I realized it was the other way around I just changed wires 2 thru 6 and spun the cap to the other side of 1. I may have come to this my self but if anything you saved me some
  6. Well as I said after building my motor I'm very pleased as it hauls a**. But my distrib is rotated clk. wise more than the retaining screw allows. So I'm thinkin I should move my cam gear to the #2 or #3 position to bring the spinner around or clamp it with some vicegrips? I'm also tinkin that a "stage two cam" wants to be a little more advanced than stock. Is my noodle working right or what? Phred where are you? kgl
  7. Hey guys its KGL, and I just got my car running for the first time. but i have a problem, i have it set to run but the timing is so advanced that i cant screw down the distributor. Now what i'm thinking is that the cam is the problem. the cam that i have in the car is a MSA stage 2. so what i am asking is were do you guys set the timing on the car with a stage two cam in it. the rest of the car is stock except, i cut in larger 280z valves. I also took all the smoge off the car. Also the head that i have is a E31. I need help. Any input will do me good. KGL,
  8. KGL


    KGL here what can you guys tell me about Borla xr-1 raceing muffler. Do you think it is good or do you think it is bad. And does it matter if i go with 3 or 2.5 inch pipe KGL
  9. Kgl here, i'm almost done building my motor. I installed a stage 2 msa cam, 280z valves in an e31, on top of a L24 bored 30 over, with flat top pistons. With these performace upgrades included, can any one tell me what my 0 to 60 would be like, and also my 1/4 mile time. thanks for the help KGL
  10. KGL


    hey its me once again, and I'm still deciding on what cam to get for my 240z with an L24 block and e31 head. so I'm asking this time for any that has a stage three cam or the stage two from MSA to please write back and discribe what the cam is like, its pro's and con's. This information will be very helpful, thank you.
  11. [B]who can help me?[/b] I have a 1971 240z. I had to bore it three over and I had to deck the block two down.In the block I have flat top pistons. I'm also installing 280Z vales in my E31 head. And I plan on putting a header on also. Other than that every thing is stock and I plan on keeping it that way. So what cam do you advise me to get. MSA's third package sparks my intrest but some say that it will make you slugish out of the hole. But a guy at MSA tolled me to get six pounds shaved off my fly wheel and it will fix the problem, is this true and how much will it help. I'm not looking to ma
  12. KGL

    My Motor

    Thanks for your reply guitar: I am building the motor my self, but won't be doing the head work. Head shop seems good enough and will do what ever I say but doesn't want the responibilty of saying what I should do and what the package should be. The same with the guys at msa. If I run fast I can be at thier counter in 8 min. thats how close I am to them. But honestly I think they suck.... but they got the parts. I just need an answer as to the correct cam to use that will run like a stripped as* ape on 92 fuel idle smooth and I'll be pleased with. With the cam package at about 540.00 and the v
  13. KGL

    My Motor

    Thanks Bambi: I have the book your quite right it is helpfull. My question was in response to being told that contrary to the book someone at msa told me that if I'm keeping the L24 and the E31 I wouldn't notice any difference with the larger valves and to just go with the cam modification. So what is the right cam to use for my requirments as listed before? Thanks
  14. Hi All: New member love the site. I'm currently rebuilding my l24. The bottom end is to remain the same, only bored if need be. I will not be changing to an L28. Now to the head: it is an e31 which I will be keeping, the car is to be used as an every day driver but as always am looking for as much performance without sacrificing to much. I plan to change out the cam, and am wondering if I should increase the valve size to the 280z valve size. Will I have to grind the block some to occomadate the larger valve size. Any suggestions on what cam to use. Will this combination work well and what wil
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