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  1. I have a 1983 280zx with only original 32540 miles. Couple minor dents, 3 scratches. Interior has 3 stains I could find looking very hard. All paperwork back to 83. Can see more info on dallas craigslist. Clean title,no wrecks. Everything works perfect, ttops don't leak. Main eye soar is the dents on hood, I tried to include a picture of everything wrong. Mechanicaly it is perfect. Inside is perfect. Outside needs some tender loving care. Price is very fair. Have original spare, spare tire saver buddy, re-inflator can (mint) and break stops still sealed. Every inspection slip,insurance tab,service reciept, and original reciept from nissan when bought. Original cover, both keys,and manual aswel . Even have the Datsun Keychain they gave you when purchasing back from 83. Garage kept. Full detail including paint restoration stage 4 package with full clay bar,wax,polish, and sealant. Engine still has the oil from Japan on surface. Clean carfax. Only thing not original is the battery and the break light plug behind the pedal. Can reach me at, 817-995-2473. My name is slade. I'm located in Fort Worth,Texas. Not willing to meet, you have to come to me. Great chance for someone to fix her up and make a quick buck. Hurts to see her go. Best way to reach me is by text, I have issues with this sites messenging system.
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  2. I figured out what the problem was.. Badly warped drums along with worn strut mounts and a blown shock. Yeah I still got some work to do.
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  3. Good question. There is a central metal tube/sleeve inside the rubbers that the large washers get squeezed together until the washers bottom out on that sleeve. Once tight, the bushing pair are automatically centered on the frame by virtue of both bushings being made of the same stiffness. As you drive, that rod is in compression (accel) or tension (braking) which deforms them somewhat. Having a poly bushing on the front and a rubber bushing on the back implies that the static position is NOT centered affecting caster somewhat. Take a look at the rubber bushing before and after torque up and see just how much it crushes. One note that I brought up before here, the torque spec for the nut on the end is to obtained ONLY once the washers lock up on the central sleeve. There are situations where you might reach the torque spec BEFORE that happens, like dirty threads, very stiff bushings or TC rod not at a neutral position forcing the bushings into an awkward position. We had a big thread elsewhere about this where folks were using two nuts to lock them up as they were coming loose. Using a new locknut is important, as well as ensuring you have sleeve clamp down.
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  4. Haha! Yeah, I know. LIttle embarrassing. I try to help out on stuff, and the only pics I have are how NOT to do it. I should be able to put a "don't do this" on the pics... Give me a little bit.
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  5. Click on your user profile and look in the address bar - you will find a series of 5 numbers - I believe that is your membership ID - give that to the Z Store for your discount requeset - most items they discount for members
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  6. The stock bushings are mounted with the flat (thin) side against the frame pocket, and the washers are counter-intuitively (I think) positioned with the convex curved face (sticky-outy) toward the curved (thicker) side of the bushings like this: )B-|-B( Brackets are washers, B are the rubber bushings and | is the frame pocket. The right hand B( gives you the correct bushing roundness vs washer convex-ness orientation. This gives you more bushing washer freedom to move and surprisingly gives you more threads sticking out when you try to get the nut on the end of the rod!
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  7. I read about this several days ago and have been viewing the various posts on here and FB about him. I never met him in person or spoke to him on the phone but his contributions to the automotive community are abundant. Add to that he sounded like a very generous person with his time and knowledge. It is very sad to hear of his passing and in the manner that it happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends that knew him well. He will be truly missed. May his passing be a reminder to all of us that our time and the time of those we care about is limited. If you have a friend or family member you have not spoken to lately or heard from, give 'em call, drop 'em a line, I am sure they would love to hear from you.
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  8. Please RSVP | Car Show & Track Day Update Please help us out! We made the 2016 Z-Bash Car Show no charge and registration-free to make things as hassle free for our customers as possible. We do, however, need an idea of how many will be joining the show, so we can plan for the ball park (pun intended) number of cars that will show up at Angel Stadium, and avoid creating any hassles by not having a registration. So we're asking all to RSVP who are likely to come to the show (even if you're not certain yet) on Saturday, May 14th, 2016. You can simply let us know through this forum, or by emailing zbash@motorsportauto.com, or giving us a call at (800)633-6331, or telling us when you stop by our showroom. There is even a fan page now on Facebook, where you can RSVP. Car Show Update: Just Confirmed! The first (up to 500) to bring their Z/Roadster/510/Skyline/GTR for entry into the car show will get a complementary 2016 Z-Bash/Abraham Memorial T-Shirt. Track Day update: For those of you considering a quick road trip to Willow Springs, here is another update, the Sunday, May 15th, 2016 Track Event is now up to 20 Nissan/Datsuns, with 13 Z-Cars, and certainly more to come! Should be a blast!
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  9. Z-Bash 2016 Track Day Update While it is still early, but so far there have been 9 Z-Cars & a Roadster sign up for the Track Day at The Streets Of Willow Springs on Sunday, May 15th, 2016: A 370Z, 3 350Zs, a Z32, 4 240Zs, and a 68 2000 Roadster. Hopefully many more of you boys and girls decide to come out and play! Just remember that there are only so many cars they can accept for a given Track Day. Don't hesitate, sign up before all the Honda guys do! Just go to our Track Day Page for all of the details.
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  10. Dyno Testing Right At The Big Car Show! MCE Racing will be bringing their custom built DYNOJET 224x Dynamometer trailer right to Angel Stadium of Anaheim during the big car show! It is a DRIVE-ON, DRIVE-OFF unit! Every car that is tested gets three pulls, and a full color, laminated print-out of horsepower & torque, including the air/fuel ratio. A limited number of times are available, so Pre-registration is strongly recommended. For more information go to our Dyno page, or give us a call at (800)633-6331.
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  11. Z-Bash 2016 Track Day Announced! The New Z-Bash will have a track event on Sunday, May 15th, 2016. While we've hosted HPDE's in the past, we're joining forces with Aaron Bitterman and Speed Ventures for their professionally-run, safety-conscious, blast of a day at The World Famous Streets Of Willow Springs. Speed Ventures always has well-run events, and we're hoping to have as many Z's there as possible to "take over" the Streets (because that would be just plain awesome). There are limited spaces, so sign up early for a discount, and to join the Z takeover! See our track day page for more details.
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  12. When I had driveshaft & u-joint problems. The vibration was much faster than a drum roll. Sounded like a 100 lb. bumblebee. The vibration was a buzz not even close to a drum roll. I agree with ZH. Time to look at the mounts.
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