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My wife Robin and our 1971 Z

My wife Robin and our 1971 Z


Hello all,

Robin and I had fun taking this picture. We're lucky to have such beautiful scenery here in Savannah, Georgia. Any excuse to go for a drive with my gorgeous wife, I'll take.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Very nicely done, congratulations to you and the wife.

Now if I can just convince my Girlfriend to have a photo taken with the car :)

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Bill, they look naked when they're naked........did you think there was going to be some big surprise? Careful, this is a members wife.

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Excellent Pose!

Definitely captures an excellent mood.

The wind in the hair, the clear skies, the carefree yet alluring outfit....works for me! Nice Z Too!

Definitely one of the top two contenders.


P.S.: Bill, if that's your idea of a proper comment --- then go away. Don't stop to snivel about how we don't like you...leave. It's jerks like you that cause problems with picture collections such as this.

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This is my pick for the best picture . She is a vary beautiful woman and the natural candid looking shot is vary good . It shows your Car fairly well and the composition of the shot is right on , background and all. My comment is that the shot is both alluring and in good taste . Gary

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Isn't anyone here terrified and shocked by seeing a Z car that close to salt water? The kids these days...

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