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  1. Quite stunning is all I can say.
  2. Im "from" Indiana but dont presently live there. Tiny town in southern Indiana! Dont blink!! You just missed it! Ahhh the good ol days!
  3. for less than I spent on my Z. I dont agree with your friend at all. Speed and beauty cost money. How good do you want to look while you go how fast?? Seriously, you can spend as much or as little on either car. Comparing a Camaro to a Z car is kinda silly in my opinion. Two totally different animals. I love both. But pick which one you like and stick with it. That is the key to any successful build. You will always lose money if you dont. Good luck!!
  4. I vote for either the gray or silver. I dont like the gold, it looks too bling blingy! The black looks good too though...
  5. The thing I found (Or didnt find?) using the search function for the Z bumpers is noone has a good description of "HOW" they physically mounted the damn things to the 280. Yea, lots of people say "its been done, ask so and so" or "Ive done it" or "Do a search" but not one person has really explained what is needed to do the swap. Or atleast I havent found it. I just assumed everyone knew what they were talking about, ordered the parts I thought I needed, and then modified them to work. It isnt a complete bolt on swap but it isnt impossible either. I had to make custom brackets for the rear bumper, mainly because the originals I got were less than straight and I also wanted to tuck the bumper in close to the body. The front brackets (70-72 only) worked but I had to do some re-shaping to get them to align properly. I used the front spoiler for a 280 so I could keep my 280 turn signals but the 240 lights will work if you use a 240 valance or spoiler (preferably spoiler to save more modification) in the front. On the rear, you will have to remove the filler panel and re-paint the area. You will need to remove the fuel tank to remove the shock absorbers also so you can mark, drill and install the bolt on the right side quarter panel. So yea, maybe my Z isnt up to the concourse some Z snobs demand but it looks damn good and a hell of a lot better than the big crash bumpers. Not to mention, I have fuel injection and a/c that work! Now its time to get out of the z car club. I am really getting sick of car forums, can you tell?
  6. Note to self...DONT ask for any help from classiczcars.com...
  7. I feel your pain. At least you weren't hurt from the sound of it. Which is good! Good luck finding what you need.
  8. ROOPZ

    Ready for the road

    Still awesome! How did you make that grill insert? I would like to do something like that with mine.
  9. ROOPZ

    She's DONE!!!

    WOW!! What a great job you have done! I love the attention to detail! SWEEET!
  10. HAHA! Yea I know what you mean! Problem is I'm picky so I dont know the best way to lower it yet!
  11. I finally got the bumpers mounted with the front spoiler.
  12. I've been doing some work to the Z. Guess what it is!
  13. ROOPZ

    240z Hauler

    Nice truck! I recently rented one and it is impressive! Run circles around my Tundra! But the ride isnt as nice as my Tundra!
  14. Not sure about the radiator. The booster does...I think. Seems like some people use them when they convert to the ZX rear disc brakes. So unless you are using the rear brakes Im not sure what benefit you will get from it. It may be too much for your stock brakes. Im sure there are people on here who know better than I do though.
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