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  1. Has anybody recieved their latest copy of Nissan Sport on the East Coast yet? I still havent gotten mine, and Im going into withdrawals!! :stupid::stupid::stupid:
  2. I've got a complete 280Z for sale here in greenville, sc. For $500.00, it'd be worth the drive.....
  3. Mike, I could fill out the entire classified section, but when I went to submit it, it would say "this page cannot be displayed" i tried it like 3-4 times and still nothing worked....the rest of my internet windows were going along fine, so I know it wasn't my connection......
  4. bump-de-hump and yeah, I will regret it......I already am!! But she's gotta go!
  5. yeah, i probably would....but I would rather sell her quick, and honestly, parting out such a solid car just doesnt seem to do her justice....
  6. Hey guys, hate to say it, but its true........ http://classifieds.hybridz.org/showproduct.php?product=3483&cat=7 I tried to post it in our classifieds, but I couldnt get it to work.....
  7. i voted for the last one..I know you fellers like the old school S30, I mean thats what this site is about...and I own a '77 280, but u gotta give props the new one, sure it may not be to your liking style wise, but a car that delivers that much arse kicking for so little money deserves some credit...Id much rather buy that car for $26k than spend $35k on a scoobie WRX..just my 2 pennies tho..........
  8. ........true.....didnt even realize!
  9. welcome dude, but FYI, there is a classified section on here..............where abouts are you located?
  10. jsut curious guys...........how can you tell a picture is photoshopped? this is more for my own education than anything...........I mean there is something fishy about the scale of the third pic down on the left column, but i cant really tell......
  11. i know this wont help for sh*t, but i read SOMEWHERE on hybridZ that this was an RB car with AWD.............makes my underwear get smaller, if you know what i mean...
  12. Hey guys, I was killing time this evening waiting for another auction to end, when I ran across this beauty......... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-Datsun-240z-JDM-Fairlady-style-COLLECTORS-Mint_W0QQitemZ230040386574QQihZ013QQcategoryZ6187QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I KNOW i've seen her before, I bet money she's someones baby thats on this site. Just thought I would share the goodness.......even if the price is outta my leauge!!!
  13. so where can you get a "nos" dash?
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