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Do you recomend these cams (Comp Cam)?


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Hello and Greetings from Mexico.

The other day I came across this on Amazon:


And was wondering if it´d be suitable for my project (´72 240Z, automatic and pretyy much stock in most ways), as you probably know here in Mexico brand new aftermarket or OEM cams are extremely hard to find so I´m curious to see if any of you have had experience with this brand/model, can you recommend them in terms of quality, , performance, etc

Thanks in advance

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4 hours ago, Zed Head said:

Don't forget that you'll want a whole new set of rocker arms.  Plus lash pads to fit the cam. 

Lash pads.. okay, but a new set of rocker arms too? Why? (If the new camshaft has about the same Lift and duration) i would check them and give them a good polish.. (and check the contact area)..

Oh i noticed something else.. i never looked at those valve timing diagrams very closely.. and.. i discover that there is always a valve open? how can you make compression then? yup.. thought about it and yeah the engine makes 2 complete rounds per cycle! It's because the openings of the valves is drawn on the 360 degrees the crank makes not the cam.. Am i making sense?  So from the 720 degrees (on the crank 2 rounds) the intake is 248 degrees open and so is the exhaust. Plenty of degrees to make some compression! 👍

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Like Zed Head says…I would definitely recommend new or remanufactured rockers to break in a new cam. Delta Cams does a great job remanufacturing old rockers. You want a smooth surface to break in that cam. You probably can reuse the lash pads, but I would check the wipe pattern always……just to be sure.

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@Zed Head well, as I said, I was just looking at options in case I realy need to do something about the car´s cam. I haven´t even disassembled the engine yet but have been buying parts here and there (new water, oil and fuel pumps, timing chain kit , gauge senders, etc as well as a rebuilt 280ZX distributor and a brand new Holley 390 4bbl carb and Arizona Z manifold) My aim is to build a reliable, responsive daily driver (even if it won´t be driven daily) rather than a high performance or racing car. And yes, I´m aware tha it´s not the only thing I´ll have to purchase and that´s also part of why I´m buying parts before taking the big steps.

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There are some forum members with large collections of used parts.  If you have a specific need post on the forum and see what happens.  Some of them will ship to Mexico I think.

Also, many people would say to avoid California Datsun.  Part quality is often poor, and returns or refunds are very difficult.

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