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  1. Good idea, I was just thinking about spraying some black paint. But the textured finnish seem better. thak you!
  2. Greetings again! So I decided to try and fix it. I did some research online and of the many methods and tips I found I chose three as the ones more fitted for the task (and my experience or lack of) ; first the super (crazy) glue and baking soda method, second was two part epoxy glue/resin and finally, fiberglass and its correspondent resin as the third option (I had never worked with it but was curious so it seemed a good opportunity to practice)Since I was not sure which one ´d give the best results I decided to use them all three (yes, its overkill but I didn´t want to take any chances, the piece is so fragile it could break again even after a "succesful" repair) after purchasing all I needed to do it, I started by cleaning an sanding the whole back side, I couldn ´t believe how brittle that old plastic is, just by manipulating it I made a new crack on it (fortunately not very large), the super glue/baking soda method is surprisingly good (provided you align the pieces to be joined very carefully) and dries really fast, then I mixed and applied the two part epoxy (the one I used is suposedly filled also with "metal particles" or something, it ´s recomended to fix gas tank and radiator seals and you have to mix it and apply it very fast because it starts its curing process right away, at that point i also put a coulpe of metal strips I hd lying around for extra reinforcement, after the epoxy was fully cured one or two days after I proceeded to apply the fiberglass and resin following the instructions on the kit I bought and when the fiberglass was also fully cured a couple of days later I decided to give the whole area a couple of coats of undercoating/bedliner paint with a brush to give the whole repair a more finished appearence (it also gives the piece a little bit more of "body", it feels stronger than before in general) As you can see in the last picture a fine crack is still visible on the front side but I haven´t painted it yet, that will be the last step before installing the trim on the car. I´m pretty happy with the result and even with the combination of different methods it was still far cheaper than buying a new or used piece again.
  3. How much is the "240Z" rear emblem?
  4. Thanks for your comments! I ´m not sure I´ll be able to get a refund (the guy will surely blame the shipping service and viceversa) but since I was thinking about buying more stuff from him I might ask for a future discount as Zed Head suggested. I ´ll experiment a little and if I can salvage it I´ll report back to share the method with the best results, maybe it´ll will help others. Like I said I don´t need it to be perfect since I´m more concerned about findding a good speaker solution and that back trim will probably be aout of sight. In the menantime, Merry Christmas to all! please take care.
  5. Greetings to everyone. My ´72 240Z came without the rear interior trim piece (the one that covers the tail light assemblies from the inside), the rest of the trim pieces are in fair condition. I wasn´t too concerned about it since I plan to install an aftermarket stereo and I´m still deciding if I´ll put a 6x9 speaker panel or go with custom speaker boxes (in that same position, all the way back and aiming at the driver/passenger) but decided to buy a used one while I decide the sound matter. Unfortunately the part´s seller did a very poor job packaging the piece and it arrived broken (see the photos) Since I don´t know right now if the trim will be used or visible after I do the speaker thing, I´d prefer not to have to buy another one and try to fix this one. I´ve seen several YT tutorials about repairing or restoring plastic car interior parts, but most of them depend on what was the original material those parts are made of. For instance, I don´t think these old datsun parts are ABS, are they?, what method would you use to put it back together? I suposse I need to start by adding some material to the "back" (not visible) side and reinforce it, what would give the best results?, fiberglass, epoxy resin, car filler/bondo? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you for your answers. Indeed it´s a 260Z grill. Well, I´ ll stick with the original one and forget about messing with this one. Take care and have a great week!
  7. I have a 1972 240Z and about to start its restoration process. I have this grille in good shape that I was thinking about cleaning and painting it to rplace the original one (the original one is also in good shape as far as I can tell but it´s still in the car and I was thinking that I could renew the other grille to gain some time and when I start disassembling the front end it´d be just a matter of dropping in the freshly painted one) but the "new" grille is different, doing some photo research I´m led to believe its from a 260Z and the lower bars are shorter to acomodate the later model´s bumper mounts. My question is: Would it fit right in onto my car or would I need to modify something? I wouldn´t mind havind those "holes" in the grille because I could fit a couple of small rectangular driving lights (most likely LED ones) ant thoughts?
  8. Hello again! I hope you are all fine. I just got a used 240Z tail light to replace the original one that was broken. Now I´m planning to clean/polish and maybe clear coat both lenses. I already separated the lens from the lamp´s body using the hot water method. Now I´d like to get rid of that gooey residue from the adhesive that held them together. Is there a simple way to do this?
  9. Well....like I said before...or has I remember is that one of the original 72 tail lights was broken. My father went looking for a replacement in junk yards. This was way before internet and since Z cars never were sold in this country, it was very difficult to get parts for them. I think he found this rear end in a Texas junkyard and drove back with the parts all the way down to Mexico City. Like I mentioned Z cars in general are a rather rare sight around here and my dad was far from being an expert on the matter so he didn ´t think twice about the swap (I remember he even said that it was even a way of "modernizing" the car......Yes I know, I know) At that time he had someone who came and worked in his cars anddid the (rather crude) adaptation. Now that you mentioned it, it´s likely that the bumper/spacer also came with the tail lights and panel, I really couldn ´t tell. Next time I´m there I´ll look for the original bumper (luckily my father used to keep a lot of his car´s parts even when he didn´t actually used them, that´s how I rescued the original 240Z rear end) What I have already done is removing the 260Z tail lights. They happened to be in a really good shape.
  10. Thank you! Great advice! ...Yes I have several things to ponder before I start really fixing things in the car. While I haven´t been able to do any serious work on it I´ve been doing a lot of research (this site is an amazing source of information) and trying to decide on certain things like for example if I want to keep the original engine or do a swap for something more modern/reliable, or if I´ll keep the current paint job or change it to another color that better matches the red interior...or on the contrary, may be just changing the color of the interior. I´m still not sure, every option has pros and cons. What I´m sure about is that I don´t want/need to do a complete restoration and full originality but at the same time I neither want to radically transform or customize it. It´ll probably wind up being a mild resto mod, basically stock looking but with little improvements here and there (like LED lights, a better sound system and such) What you can be sure is that I´ll be coming back here to show this project´s progress and certainly to ask a lot of questions. Have a great day everyone!
  11. I´ll take a look next time I go to my parent´s home, again thanks for the tips. Sorry about yor dad, I wish I had more money to keep mine´s legacy going but he left several (almost too many) other cars so I´ll just focus on the Datsun (which apart from the sentimental value is a great car!) I think I´ll be there within the next couple of weeks. The only way to get into the car is trough the rear hatch until I make space to move it (it´snot only boxed in like you can see in the photos but also has a pile of old parts in front of it from years of collecting/hoarding pieces and sparts here and there. We´ll be selling most of the cars but it´s hard to even decide where to start (most of them are unfinished projects and with many parts laying all over the place) I haven´t decided a 100% about the Datsun but I don´t think it´ll be a full restoration to its original shape, what I do know is that I don´t want it to be an all out custom car either, probably more of a daily driver/restomod. I think I ´ll star by cleaning it up as much aas I can, then proceed to check the electrical system to see what works and what doesn´t, then gast tank/lines, brakes/brake lines, etc... I´ll leave the engine for later since I´m not really sure at this moment if I´ll use the original one or I´ll swap it (if I do the later, it´ll be on a basis of reliability, ease/cost of servicing and parts, etc rather than power or speed, I´m 56 Y.O. and never was much of a racer)
  12. Thank you! great info, and yes I´ll be very careful when I pull it out. Right now its almost in"barn find" condition, tons of dust! here are a few pictures. As for its history; I don´t really know much, it was originally sold in Texas, at some point it was imported into Mexico and was registered in a State in the center of the country, the weather is rather dry and hot there and then brought to Mexico City where as I said it has spent most of its latest years stored where you see it here. Like I said before, I don´t think its too rusty, the interior is quite complete (only lacking the rear inner trim, the piece that covers the back of the tail lights), the seats, vinyl and carpet look Ok. It´s got an automatic transmission but apparently no AC (strange for a Texas car I think) Obvioulsy that´s not the original body color, it was probably white? anyway I think I´ll do something about it (or the interior color) since I´m not very much into that red on red combination. You may also notice the wrong rear end. Well it turns out that one of the original tail lights had a broken lens and since 240Z are VERY scarce here in Mexico, the closest my father could find in a junk yard was the rear panels and tail lights from a 260/280 and grafted it figuring it didn´t make much of a difference. Fortunately he kept the old (original) panel pieces and tail lights and refitting them is among my plans in a short term. As for the engine, I believe it was working right but at some point my dad read that webers were a big thing among 240Z enthusiasts and got himself a kit with triple ones. Of course he didn´t have any experince with that particular swap (he ´d been a car collector for many years and came to had a very reasonable little collection of old and special interest cars, a well appointed garage and tools but certainly it was way over his head here) he told me that it actually started but just couldn´t get to properly tune the carbs and at some point the car started to smoke a lot, he realized that modification didn´t really suited him (since he was never into racing or high power tunning anyway), then sold the weber kit ,reinstalled the original SUs and left the car where it sits now, he probably never fired it up again.
  13. I inherited a 1972 Datsun 240Z from my father who passed away a few months ago. It was in his possession from...I´m not sure, at least 15 years or so and most of that time it has remained in the same spot (in a sort of garage/shed sitting next to a couple of other older cars) Due to the covid19 situation I have remained at home and haven´t been able to go to my father´s house and do a more complete inspection of the car now that I´ve decided to start working on it. I took some pictures but a need to take it out of where it´s now to clean and inspect it more thoroughly. I can´t tell how many miles it has but in general is in a very good shape, very complete (original engine, matching numbers, etc) and with very little rust from what I could see. I think it´ll make a nice project. I just have to make some decisions and I´d like to share its progress here where I see so many knowledgeable and helpful people sharing the love for such a beautiful piece of car art/technology.
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