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Rear spoilers, opinions and comments welcome


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I would like to get a rear spoiler for my 280z.  I like the look of the BRE style 1 piece spoilers.  I have a couple of questions:


1) I have read that if you have a rear spoiler without a front spoiler, the front end becomes light and squirrelly at speed.  Is this true, and what speed are we talking about?  This will be a street car with a few passes at the dragstrip per year.  Is the BRE spoiler short enough that this effect is minimal?  Car will have a Xenon type 1 urethane air dam with aluminum supports so it doesn't deform at speed, but no splitter per day.


2) Is the 'real/original' BRE spoiler a good choice? ( https://www.datsun-garage.com/products/the-original-bre-rear-spoiler-1970-78-240z-260z-280z?variant=31473838391380 ).  Anyone have any experience?  Any pictures?  Seems like the 6 mounting points is a good idea.


3) Any other good options?



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Peep this thread

If i recall correctly the issue with running the rear spoilers without one in the front, is that it produces lift in the front by squatting the rear down, which makes the front feel feel even more ambiguous at highway speeds.

The Xenon type 1 should produces even more downforce than the BRE splitter, so you should be good pairing either one with the BRE rear spoiler.

BRE sells two of the splitters, one is their `original` formula and the other is an `improved` variation, I ordered the `improved one`, drilled the holes in my hatch, and did not like how it looked, it was too large. I think the original would have been a better choice.

Take @26th-Z's advice, the build quality from bre2.net was very nice, might go with the carbon fiber one next time I order.

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Like @Jarvo2 I also have the 1970 edition of the BRE rear spoiler with the 6-bolt mounting sysstem. It and the 1st generation BRE Spook were already installed by the dealer when I first laid eyes on the car on the showroom floor. The Spook is visible in my signature pic. The original Spook is probably more of an air dam, generating less downforce than the later design. I suspect the air dam you already have will work very well in combination with the rear spoiler. By the way, when reinstalling the spoiler when I restored the car, I added a tiny O-ring as an insulator on each bolt between the spoiler and the hatch surface. That seemed to make the install a bit more firm. The last two pics are older before I switched out to shiny bumpers.




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Me too Mr Arnett. I also put them on the rear  bumper mounts closest to the rear tires and on my Xenon front spoiler above the front tires. Lowes has a good selection in their Hillman cabinets. I call them rubber fender washers?

P.s: I like the chrome bumpers too. Looks more original and not like a kit add on. You have one of the sweetest Safari Gold cars I've seen.

"One of" @Diseazd.

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