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240Z reproduction calipers?


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Ordered up a set of stock reman calipers from Autozone - picture on the website shows Sumitomo castings for the housings, but the ones I received have no such "SUMITOMO" markings.  They visually match the Sumitomos that I currently have, other than the 20 years of rust on my originals, so it's not like they shipped me the entirely wrong calipers.  Did someone start reproducing generic housings for these calipers at some point?  I'm inclined to return them, and keep looking for ones with the correct Sumitomo castings - if anyone has good/bad experience with the various remans (Nugeon, Cardone, Centric, etc.) for these, I'd appreciate the info.

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I got these for the front of my ZX last week and they seem to be working so far.  Only about 150 miles on them so who knows if they'll last.  Just went on a 75 mile drive this morning with no issues.  most of the problems I was having was in relation to the flex lines failing internally causing the calipers to drag.  The stock front calipers were pitted in the cylinder bores so I replaced them. 


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7 hours ago, Michaelwk said:

@foosman Checking in to see if you installed these.  Any issues?  Looking at them as well.

I installed them, but it'll be some time before I have any experience with them.  The core charge was only $11 or so, so I kept the originals too.


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