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240z 1973 Valve adjustment if my car has a non-stock cam


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I have a Datsun 240z 1973, when I bought the car I was informed the previous owner may have added a "hopped up cam". Since owning the car I have had issues with rough idle and pinging and I am curious if this some of this could be related to the valve timing. I have not checked the Valve timing but I am not sure that stock numbers will work if the cam was changed from Stock. Curious advice for a Zcar novice.


Thank you for your time,

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On 9/28/2021 at 3:43 PM, paulreverex said:

the previous owner may have added a "hopped up cam".


23 hours ago, paulreverex said:

If the cam is stock- will it have Nissan printed in the same place?

As it happens i have a reserve 1973 240z engine laying apart at the moment and looked at the cam.. it has a big A on the BACK (!!) nothing else.. 

Another new old stock cam i have is a so called slalom-cam and has big lobes.. that one has Datsun and a partnumber on it and the word: brown.  it was in the 70's a original datsun special cam. (new in box.. what's left of it.. cam is as new..)

EDIT:  the letter is on the back ofcourse.. not on the front of the camshaft... silly me...

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Nissan stamped letters in to the backs of their cams.  You might need a mirror to see it.  Here's an F cam.  Some companies regrind factory cams so yours might have the Nissan stamp and the marks that siteunseen/Cliff showed.  Check both ends.  

You can also tell by the height of the base circle.  take pictures of the cam and post it.



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