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Considering selling; need help pricing


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So, hey.  I’m at a point in my life where I’m thinking about getting out of the game.  Life marches on and I don't have the time, space, or inclination as much anymore. After 25 years or so,  I’m kicking around the idea of selling my (early) 1977 Datsun 280Z and am trying to figure out how to price it. A lot of work has been done, but I still have paint and body to do.  See below… Any insight? Heck, any serious interest?  I'm in the Richmond, VA area. I've put around 3k on the motor as it's mostly been a weekend driver / day trip car.





  1. Dyno’ed at 220rwhp/222rwtq; retarded to about 26 BTDC all in timing on 93 + NOS Brand octane booster. Sunoco GT 100 or 104  additional advance would be a significant improvement.
  2. L28 stroked/bored to 3.1L. Everything was race prepped/balanced/etc by H&M Machine (previously on summit ave)
  3. ~12:1 compression ratio
  4. LD28 Crank
  5. L24 connecting rods with 9mm ARP bolts
  6. JE Pistons (custom; spec sheet available)
  7. L31 head) with significant flow work, oversize valves, arp head bolts, hks 1mm gasket
  8. Schneider cam
  9. Triple DCOE40-151 w/ port matched intakes, ITG filters. (I did all the tuning and have a decent supply of chokes and jets.)
  10. Electromotiv HPX crank triggered ignition (deleted distributor and machined custom oil shaft end / bearing))
  11. Motorsport Auto 6->1 jethot coated header with wide band 02 sensor installed
  12. BHJ Crank Damper with trigger wheel
  13. Oil Cooler
  14. 2.5” Exhaust



  1. 83 280XZ 5 speed, rebuilt
  2. 3.70:1 Nissan Limited Slip (’89 300zx); Ron Tyler Mount Upgrade
  3. CV Shaft Upgrade
  4. Tokiko shocks (blue) / springs
  5. Urethane bushing upgrades
  6. Suspension Techniques
  7. Front camber adjustment
  8. Rear strut bar
  9. Rota RB-R 16x8 wheels w/ Hankook rubber



  1. Front: Toyota 4 piston upgrade, 300zx vented rotors
  2. Rear:240sx caliper/disc conversion, functional e-brake
  3. Adjustable proportioning valve



  1. Refreshed carpet, seats
  2. Original door cards, clean
  3. Dash cap
  4. Autometer Speedo, Tach, and O2 Senor
  5. Knock Sensor Light
  6. New seatbelts



  1. Rust/Dent free hood and fenders
  2. Rust free doors
  3. New full rear quarters ready to weld in
  4. Replaced floor pans/frame rails
  5. Rear deck replacement metal  (NLA)


Extra stuff that could be negotiated:

  1. Replacement interior parts
  2. All seals for post-paint/body work
  3. Modified Bell housing / crank shaft for 240SX 5 speed transmission conversion (KA24)
  4. Tons of misc. parts
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Browse these listings and see how yours stacks up.  Yours is kind of up in weekend race car zone, with the 12:1 CR.  

Without pictures, really it's just a list of parts.  Good luck.  Put it up on Hybridz.



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