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  1. dtshaw66

    Yellow Bluebird

    My 1969 510- the new project
  2. dtshaw66

    Battery suggestion

    Thanks guys. I have an old 34R that came out of my 240Z, which is a fraction shorter than a 24F. I'll give that a try.
  3. dtshaw66

    Battery suggestion

    What kind of battery are you running with a stock setup? I have a 69 510 4door that came to me without a battery. I read that a size 24 was stock, but that seems too tall - the terminals are almost touching the inside of the hood when its closed. Is there a shorter battery that works well?
  4. dtshaw66

    Intermittent Starting Click

    Even cheaper than that - I just bought a Beck Arnley switch from them for my '72 for $13 including shipping.
  5. dtshaw66

    Need some advice on selling

    Any idea what your buy-it-now price would be?
  6. dtshaw66

    Newbie Here

    Looks like a great project! Finding one in stock condition, or close to it, is more than half the challenge. That way, at least most of the mistakes made will be your own. Have fun and welcome to the club!
  7. dtshaw66

    New owner of '77 280z from Upstate SC

    Wonderful 280 and a great find! Welcome to the club.
  8. dtshaw66

    F*** the Internet

    "Conversate" is perfectly acceptable Alabama English, thank you very much. Hey Siteunseen, howsyamomanem? ?
  9. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z/ Is this anyone on here's? Looks pretty clean.
  10. dtshaw66

    Cinnamon Girl

  11. Does/did this belong to anyone on here? Anybody know anything about it? http://bham.craigslist.org/cto/5067695658.html
  12. Stop overthinking this one. If you love S30's, buy it. Heck, even if you don't love S30's, buy it. In conclusion, buy it. Buy it.
  13. dtshaw66

    KYB GR2 vs Tokico HP review

    I'm happy to read this when I did. I have a set of Eibachs and the Tokico HPs in my cart at MSA right now, and was planning to pull the trigger tonight. I'll have to check out the GR2's first. Thanks for posting
  14. dtshaw66

    My New Z

    If you find you still want/need a Haynes manual in addition to the FSM downloads, I have an extra one that you're welcome to. And speaking of welcome, welcome to the club! I don't post a ton, but I've had a thousand questions answered before I even had to ask just by reading the collected knowledge on this site.
  15. dtshaw66

    1972 Datsun 240Z Barn Find Survivor

    Fantastic find! Man, I hope you decide to keep its stock appearance. You can see from my car I'm a sucker for that 'just drove it off the lot' look. If I had seen your car before I bought mine, I might have fought you for it! You found a winner - may you enjoy it for a long long time!

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