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Window roller


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So I was pulling plating together today. This window roller is in bad shape. The rubber is rock hard and is flat on one side. So I worked on getting it apart. I crimped the end back closed and got the pin back through. Then the roller came out


So then I was like, where am I gonna source a new roller. I wonder if Steve Nixon makes one?

Lo and behold! B)



I plan on reusing the tube and expanding it with a long skinny punch

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I think he makes a lot to order. They show out of stock, you order, then he makes and ships...

I have wintergreen oil but I think this one is beyond that. It's flat spotted from not rolling, cracking and super hard. I figure this is one of those places to go new if possible

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14 hours ago, tzagi1 said:

Soak it in brake fluid for a day or so, it makes rubber grow and softens it up as well.

Might work but it will leave a streak on his window, then dry up pretty quickly.  Plus, any water that runs by will absorb the fluid and carry it away.  Works on tires though.

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16 hours ago, Zed Head said:

but it will leave a streak on his window

I thought that to.. better put it in a hot soap (where you wash your clothes with.) for a few days.. you'll see that there comes a lot of dirt out the rubber and the rubber refreshes a LOT! small cracks are gone also! and rubber gets like new!  (Big cracks will stay there but the small holes are gone!  done this with  ball game flipper machine rubbers they were white some time and had a lot of holes in them after a week ik a solution of water and soap they were like new!!) 

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On 8/7/2021 at 8:32 PM, grannyknot said:

You could try immersing it in wintergreen oil, some of his rubber parts have been out of stock for a long time.

I own all the molds for all the parts, so I can make any part anytime. Just because webstore says out of stock does not mean I don't have it in-stock.

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