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Spicer U-Joints


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Several years ago I bought a pair of Spicer u-joints for one of my half shafts, I'm pretty sure I bought them from Black Dragon (may have even still been Victoria British at the time).  I now want to replace the ones on the other half shaft and the drive shaft.  Is Spicer still a great choice?  If so can someone help me determine which one to get (I cannot find any of my old paperwork to pull part numbers from).  On the ones I have I can see some blue on them if that helps identify what I have to match new ones to.

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Have pictures? I recently replaced mine with GMB u-joints and there are vibrations I need to sort out, might have been my installation. 

Make sure to stamp all the yokes/flanges and how they fit back together, I think I messed up the balancing on mine.



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On 4/27/2021 at 9:06 PM, Patcon said:

There maybe be part numbers either on the ends of the caps or on the center yoke

I was able to grab a picture of some code(s) on the center yoke.  Does anyone know that these mean?


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I haven't fleshed out all of the details but I think that Dana bought Spicer.  So, if you can't find Spicer it might be that Dana retired it.

You can get Dana parts though.  It's weird that Rockauto doesn't carry Precision.  For the miles you expect from them, and the agony if they're of poor quality, I'd spend as much as necessary to get the best.



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Half-Shaft Drive train
Spicer Part 5-1505X
Precision Part 393
GMB Part: GUN29 (220-0029)
GKN Part: HS448 
Borg-Warner: 114-304
Falcon: U393
Nissan: 37125-21025
Koyo: N2880BA
Matsuba: UJ112
PD No: RUJ2028
Rockford: K1505
Neapo: 1-0029

😧 28.02
0: 52.9
Spicer Part 5-1501X
Precision Part 391
GMB Part: GUN27 (220-0027)
GKN Part: HS420
Borg-Warner: 114-302
Falcon: U391
Nissan: 37125-14627
Koyo: N2563
Matsuba: UJ111
PD No: RUJ1781SL
Rockford: K1501
Neapo: 1-0027

😧 25.02
0: 40
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@240260280, I've found that as well as a 1310 series.  I'm having troubles 1) determining what I have as I'd like to match as closely as possible and 2) the difference between the two series (I cannot seem to locate info on the 1500 series you posted only the 1310) and finally 3) contact info for Spicer/Dana where I could call/chat/email them to get more info, all of their contact info pushes you to retailers.  That being said, I may just make a trip to the local auto parts store to see if they can help.


@Patcon, this may be a good option...I'll look into that.


Thank you everyone for all the help thus far!  🙂 

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I have used the Spicer U-Joints on both the half shafts as well as the drive shaft and am very happy with the performance.  Most recently I rebuilt a used set of half shafts using the Spicer U Joints (5-1505X) when we upgraded our diff and have had no issues with them since the initial install back in 2017.

I purchased them at Autoplicity as they had the best pricing at the time.  You can find them here at an even lower price that I paid almost 4 years ago.


Hope that helps.


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