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How to check Fuel lines and tank ?

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I had some pitted hardlines under the battery tray once that I replaced with rubber hose. Not original but worked out great. Have  you determined what carbs you have? Are they 3 screws or 4. Here's a good identification website.


You need to determine if the nozzles move up and down freely. The connection hoses from the carbs to the float chambers are critical for proper operation. Many times have people used stiff fuel hose for this, no good, they bind the movement.



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You can blow out the hardlines from the front to the back, i cut a hole in a Coke bottle (cant use Pepsi, it wont work) then put one end of a rubber hose into the hole, and the other on the tank side of the hardline. From the engine bay I put some alcohol into the hardline, then blow it out with compressed air back to the soda bottle.

If you pull the tank you might wanna replace all the fuel hoses. I'm surprised no one has a concrete thread of the size/length of hose to address the rear evap system. I was talking about it to another Z owner, and had to refer to them to multiple threads with partial information.... Maybe someone has the information or a link.


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