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Things I'm growing tired of.


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Shaquille O'neal. He's on my television all the time.

Commercials. Always a nuisance but now with Safer at Home they've doubled. Streaming also affects this last money grab in my opinion.

The Royal Family. No comment! is all I want to hear from those poor family members.

Craig Robinson, Snoop Dog, Matthew McConaughey, Tim Allen, those damn Kardashians-Jenners, Dr Pimple Popper just showing up on my menu screen, and so many more but I hate to bore my friends.

Safer at home hasn't worked like I anticipated, spending time with your loved ones, fixing your cars and house. 

Thank goodness for alcohol. Maybe Shaq could do that commercial?

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Morphine is as close as I've gotten to jazz. And I like Yohoos a lot but they're full of chemicals. I just need to quit watching television and thought some others might have noticed the uptick in Shaq appearance. He's everywhere! Jeez, take your money and go away please.

Add info edit: I'm done in the restaurant business so I've got a lot of screen time now. Maybe I should off started with that? LOL


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From some web-searching I just did:


The State of Alabama has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the United States. Alabama marijuana laws state that getting caught with any amount of cannabis can land you in jail for up to 20 years.

I guess that's not an option...

Advertising networks must love working with Shaq, quite a familiar face.

I've not tried `Yoo-hoos` I'll keep my eyes peeled for it, I've been drinking optimum nutrition double chocolate, i think i have at least 3 months supply left....

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1 hour ago, siteunseen said:

Hey I have to apologize to you guys. I had a little break down here, y'all are my friends and I needed to talk.

My Mom's sister passed away Saturday night from complications of covid-19. 

Thank you all for unknowingly helping me. I really appreciate it. Cliff

We all have our ways of dealing with stress and grief. Frankly, I don't see how your way is creating an imposition on anybody. Just work through it.

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Sorry to hear about your aunt site.  So far, I've been lucky, people I know have got it, but survived, although they seem to have some of the long haul syndrome.  But I do have people I've been waiting for the "got COVID-19" call about.  But it looks like they made it through to vaccination.  Let's hope the vaccines do the job.

Things I'm growing tired of - the half beard-half face guy in the commercials.  And the Royal Family - who cares?  They're the Kardashians (also who cares) of England (formerly).  It's weird how eager the media is to get back to the old BS normal.  Dragging up all of the old gossipy news, like the last year didn't really happen.

Carry on.

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