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Z's on BAT and other places collection

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14 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

Not bad for the ZX, thought it might get in to the 20's but it didn't.  $17,050.


I have a 79 ZX, bought it for $200 about 20 years ago. It needed a heater control valve, and the guy who owned it asked me if I could fix it. He asked how much for the valve, and at the time they were running around $250. He asked what I would need for the labor. I looked up the book time, and then told him $200.

He said, for $200 you can have the car.

It just so happened that I had a brand new valve, bought to fix somebody else’s ZX, and they flaked out on me, so I gave the guy $200, took the car home, fixed it, and drove it for about ten years.

Of course it isn’t as nice as this one, and will likely contribute running gear to one of my S30s, and I’ll part out the rest.

This is how it looks today:




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2 hours ago, Reptoid Overlords said:

Any plans for those bumpers?  My chrome ones are pretty rough and I don't really like chrome.


They are available. I plan on cleaning things up this spring when the weather gets better. Not sure what the condition is, the car has sat in that spot for 16 years, along with 7 S30 Zs.

Is the rubber something that can be restored?


I plan on posting a thread when I get them out, with pictures and details of them all. I am afraid the time spent outside hasn’t been kind to them, and at least one of the S30 cars got damaged some when I moved them there. It doesn’t have running gear or front suspension, and I picked it up with the back blade on my tractor, so the front got a little munched.

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1 hour ago, siteunseen said:

This is what I call "ungifted gab", aka horse crap.

Screenshot_20210114-144213_Samsung Internet.jpg


I dunno. That orange paint, with the black wheels, looks like a Halloween jelly bean.

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10 hours ago, Av8ferg said:

I know most don’t like the bumperetts but I think they look great. We’re they only on the 73’s

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I believe they were a dealer installed option. My 72 has them, and the overrider bars. I don’t think they compliment the lines of a Z. 

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16 hours ago, siteunseen said:

My '72 had them. Bumperettes, the vertical "boots". You may be thinking of the over riders. The bars on top of the bumpers? That may be a '73 thing?

The over riders were an option for sure.

The bumperettes may have been an option, I'm not certain.  I can say that they were available in '70 given that my 08/70 in my garage has them.

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15 minutes ago, Terrapin Z said:

There is a 1970 HS30 on CL in SFBay area (Santa Rosa) $55K


Comes with extras only $55K (more pics on the ad site)






This listing was posted here a while back. It must not have sold.

From the ad copy:

 Spare Parts: (Not Currently Installed on Vehicle)
1975 L25 Modified engine (complete long block with triple Weber setup and electronic ignition)

Never heard of an L25.

Also from the ad:

Vehicle was repainted at least once (scuff-n-shoot).


Why would anyone put a cheap Spray King paint job on such a rare and valuable car? It does nothing but ruin the value of it.




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2 hours ago, Terrapin Z said:

There is a 1970 HS30 on CL in SFBay area (Santa Rosa) $55K

Its an S30-prefixed model.

2 hours ago, Racer X said:

Never heard of an L25.

Its not a factory designation, but can you *imagine* what it means?

If not, you may well be confused by people referring to their 'L29', 'L30' and 'L31' engines.  

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2 minutes ago, Racer X said:

I think you are a confused troll.

I disagree, he’s just stating that an L25 is most likely a bored over L24 (assuming it’s not a typo) in the same sense that L29, L31, etc is simply a modified L28. 

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