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Heater hardware


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Cody took the heater apart a year and a half ago. Since he hasn't learned this lesson yet, he misplaced the hardware. I bought new fasteners from Belmetric but we need these clips. ADSC_0531.JPGny idea on a source for these?


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4 minutes ago, Captain Obvious said:

There are similar clips used on the Z to hold the heater air box clamshell together. Not sure they're the exact same clip, but the same idea at least.

I shall compare and see what i have spare. I do declare. Now where.....

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I have a new mistress at the moment. She is very demanding of my time and attention. I’m sure you-all understand.... Peachy.... She has her warts, but beauty is skin deep I have to keep her eyes covered or I risk attack, like a trained hawk... yes, beer is involved.

I shall continue the clip search. 


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