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repairing a circuit board


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I started tearing down the instrument cluster today, PO manged to lose the clear plastic windows and looks like he installed an aftermarket tach, bent the speedo needle but the circuit board is the real problem. A leak at the bottom of the windshield has rusted the backing plate behind the board but also the copper on one of the lines has corroded and broken the circuit.  You can see where he tried to solder a jumper wire over top of the break.

I was going to drill out the 5 brass rivets holding the board to the backing plate so I can remove the rust.

Is there anyway to repair a circuit board?






IMG_0335 (1024x768).jpg




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For failures like that, typical SOP where I come from is to solder jumper wires over the damaged section (like the PO did), but do it with a little higher quality workmanship.

That board looks simple enough that you could probably daisy-chain point-to-point wire the whole thing.

Do you have a need to lay down new copper where the damaged trace is, or you just want something that works?

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Clean the board well, then take of the damaged line(s) on the board and drill 2 small holes (1mm) at the ends of the line that has to be replaced and then put in a .8mm wire on the other side (componentside) of the board.  It will look good and work well ?   (Make shure the board is clean for soldering, use good resin core solder tin. )

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Well it wasn't as difficult as I thought would be, I'll just throw the backing plate into the bucket of stuff going to the platers.

The tach was never hooked up and appears to be new or lightly used, it has 4 wires, red, black, white and green. Anyone want to guess which one goes to the ignition coil?

I have a spare horn relay that I can use but I'm going to try some Evaporust to see if I can get this horn relay working again.







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