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What is your favourite colour Z?


Best factory spec colour for 240Z  

125 members have voted

  1. 1. Best factory spec colour for 240Z

    • 901 Light Metallic Grey
    • The Blues: 903 Blue/115 Blue Metallic
    • 904 White
    • The Reds: 905 Red/110 Red
    • 114 Bronze Metallic
    • 918 Orange
    • The Yellows: 919 Yellow/112 Yellow
    • 920 Gold
    • The Greens: 907 Green/113 Green Metallic
    • Other factory spec colour, pls post colour below.

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  • 2 weeks later...

(My first message to this amazing site)

Hi! The blue is my favourite colour. I live in Portugal and there are a few Z´s around here, a guy 2 minutes from my house has a 74´240Z half abandoned half semi-abandoned!!! Infortunatly i don´t have any Z and you can imagine how i feel everytime i see one of my favourite cars with that beatifull colour parked in the street like a junk. The guy doesn´t want to make a deal with me $$$. GRRRRRRRRRRrr

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Why not pick the color of our own Z's? I spent over $6,500 on this color... I sure hope it's my favorite on a Z. Otherwise, I'm screwed.................

Ah, I just read the main point of the survey. FACTORY colors. :) I still like the yellows.


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Hmmmm, Well, I'd have to go with burnt Orange. To me it looks great on an early Z.My first Z was the stock lime yellow. You could park it next to one of thse green/ yellow fire trucks and it would dissappear! It took a while but I liked that color too.

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Now I have already voted (905 red, my car's color) but I have to put in my vote for my second choice of Z color.

My Dad had a '72 when I was a kid. It was rebuilt from 2 wrecks (one hit in the front, the other in the back). He painted it black (base coat) with really fine gold dust in the clear. The car would change from the deepest green you've ever seen to a blackish-brown to solid black depending on the sun. Georgous looking car. Especially with all the chrome accents from the windows, doors, bumpers and wheels.

just my $.02...

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I'm on my 3rd 240Z. My first was a '71 blue metallic, although I think it was done in a Mustang blue. It met a demise in Athens, Greece when a Citroen ran the biggest Stop sign you ever saw and T-Boned me right in the drivers A-Pillar.

My second was a beautiful '70 painted in a Corvette Bright Yellow. New Mexico car, had it in San Antonio, maintained by enthusiasts, ended up with a 2.8 and ZX 5 speed. This was in 82. My current car is a white '70 with very tired paint. I plan on redoing it this spring.

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