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  1. car is sold.. thanks. Mike
  2. Yes as of right now its still for sale. I have two people interested in it locally but they have still yet to let me know if they want to buy it. so first person with the money gets it. its still at the shop right now i will be moving it either the end of this week or beg. of next week.
  3. I can organize shipping if i have too. I've never done it b4, but all it takes is money. There is rust on the car as most of them do. some parts are worse than others. I wanted to strip the car down to metal but never got a chance. there are parts where it has rusted through but no where that i have noticed in critical spots. worst is ubove wheel wells and and the bottom corners of the doors. the passengerside floorpan has two holes that i temporarly plugged and treated when i got the car to keep water from getting into the car. If the car was fixed it could be driven just about newhere, but the cost would icrease quite a bit if i had to do that. I can store the car for free and im not in a huge hurry to get rid of it, but i would rather it didn't sit for a very long period of time, as the car was running well until two days ago when the clutch went out. i need to get some work done. i'll try to answer everyones questions as soon as i can. thanks. Mike
  4. I am selling my 71' 240z. The car is running but needs clutch work and the front brake lines replaced. The interior is in decent shape most everything still intact. Seats have no rips. I will include a few pics in this post. If you are at all interested email me or PM me here on these boards. I am asking for 1,000$ as is, and i'm located in Oklahoma City. Here are some pics some pics of the car taken a few weeks ago. If seriously interested i can post more detailed pics. I've been driving it everyday for over a year with no problems. the clutch and brake line thing just came up the other day. My wife needs a new car so i don't have the funds to put into it right now and i need something to drive. Mike edit: i can also have the car fixed and able to be driven for a little less than 2k. total for the car and repairs.
  5. hello texas z. i have decided to sell my 71' 240.. The car is running but needs work. i have used it the last year as a daily driver. the clutch has gone out , and the front break lines need to be replaced. Seats are in ecellent condition, steering wheel recently restored. has a Panasonic MP3 player installed. i am located in Oklahoma City, i am looking to get 1,000$ for it. just let me know if your at all interessted.. i have pics. Mike
  6. thank you mr camo! ended up being around .50mm, just need to get a valve job and carbs tuned to get her back in sync.
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