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  1. Hi! Thanks for the answers. A friend of mine went today to see the car (again) but i didin´t arrive yet. It seems like the car has 4 speed gearbox. As i said it´s a 3p Coupe. He also took pictures of the engine but i havent seen them yet. I would like to know engine details and other stuff. I´ve seen a website sayng it had independent suspension´s... but this "gadget" doesn´t a 4speed gearbox!! I called Nissan today (Portugal) and they were very simple and conclusive: "What´s that?!! Don´t know a single thing!!" :tapemouth I would like to save this car from a wrecker Note: It´s a Celica RA28, but i "just" have the TA22 Euro model.
  2. First i want to apoligise to the moderators and all members for posting here. If you wish to delete this post i perfectly understand. I´m still reading about Z cars but they are just to rare and expensive to buy here, so i found a Datsun 180B Coupe but i don´t know anything about it and i´m having trouble finding information in the internet. I would like to know the specs for this car, if it ist 4 or 5 speed gearbox, what are the exterior differences between a Coupe and a SSS Coupe. Once again i apoligise for this Off Topic subject. Regards, Rui
  3. I have a friend that invited me for the Madeira Rally this year (car 000, 00 and 0) but i couldn´t make it. So whenever you wish to complete that dream let me know. He is the tecnich director of a rally team that finished in 12º this year, he does it for pleasure. Your biggest problem should be the boat transport, i´ve heard that the port of Funchal is the most expensive in Europe. 3 minutes away from my house is a beautifull blue Z, the car is parked and looks like an abandoned car. I know that the engined has been repaired due to a lack of oil engine! Apart of the really bad shape of the paintwork the car stills being beautifull, blue turn to be my favourite Z colour. Even so the guy want´s 9.000€ :stupid: If i don´t find a good deal in next years (during the Celica project) the best way is to get one from North America. I´ve seen 2 european car import companies with Z´s, but prices were about the 8.000€ + legal stuff + portuguese plates (a lot of €€€). 3 Questions: 1st - Does anyone know´s the Datsun 240K GT? it´s a 4 dr sedan, i´ve seen 3 or 4 with good prices. So is this a good donor for Z mechanical parts? 2nd - What are the differences between the euro and the us Z? I´ve noticed only 2! 3rd - Were can i see web information about the different Z codes? I´ve seen codes like someone said above :tapemouth (i can´t see o did it) L32, L28... i bought a 240Z book but it doesn´t say nothing about it! Regards, Rui
  4. Thank You all for your quick answer´s. I don´t have Z. Z´s are very rare in Portugal (only the 240 and 260 were marketed, and only 120 Z´s were sold). I would like to have a Z (talking in years) so i´m begining to look for dealers with parts. The portuguese Nissan´s dealer doesn´t have any part. Well, this story start´s like this: I love the 70´s japanese cars, i started with the 1971 Toyota Celica ST TA22. Last december i received an e-mail from Toyota saying that they had stock of many the parts that i needed, so i invested a lot of money on the bodywork and now.... there are no parts available!!! So ím a bit disapointed by now. Last night at 3:00 AM, i was talking with a friend about the japanese cars never be considered as Classic´s, due to that lack of proud that Doehring talked about, but we excluded the Z series. So that´s why i´m starting to look for possible "escapes", to avoid a "no end" project. I prefer european country´s just to avoid the taxes and duty´s. As HS30-H said, the USA has an advantage on retail price as well as availability, but in the end the Taxes and Transport will make things dificult. The 240Z costs here about 12.500€ in good conditions, but he always will need spare parts. Regards, Rui Note: Is the 240K GT a good car to donate parts for the Z?
  5. Hi all, Does anyone knows about european stores who have Z car parts? I´m interested in European company because it´s easy (u should read Cheaper) for us who live in the European Union to buy parts from another UE country. Regards, Rui
  6. Hi Zman! You might be correct, but it´s not the 1st time this happens. My Celica came out of the factory in October 1971, but is 1st regist is from an embassy back in 74. I don´t know the reasons for this, but in 25 April 1973 we had a pacific democratic revolution and all what it means. So the cars might had to bem in stock!! Regards Rui I am a little confused though since your subject header says "found 74 240z". Someone may correct me if I am wrong, but I believe my '73 was the last year for the 240z. The '74 started the 260z series.
  7. I asked a friend to see the car. The price (very low for this car here) says everything...or maybe not. He told me that the owner needs money and space. The engines runs but only with 5 cylinders, the 1st gear can´t be used, rust (not holes) is every were. But the main problem (to me) is the Sunroof. I´m lack of experience in metal working, but with the Celica (TA22) i learned that i have to pay a lot (huge) more to fix the sunroof. So this might be his sentence. Althoug i love the Z, i might be interested for parts. At Nissan´s importer the answers are not conclusive (the questions weren´t directly) so i don´t know wich parts are available. In the junks the problem is always the same: The RWD DON´t have front body or they rolled (accident hits the durface with the sunroof...many times) in this cases the engines disappear immediately. So my sources might be Nissan and buy through internet. Besides...these cars don´t exist in the junk´s. Does anyone knows if Nissan has body panels in stock? The Z will be a long term project, but i will probably wait for another car. IN the reverse angle, rumours say that only 12 Z´s are running in perfect conditions, so the word "Pride" means a lot here. As i said, i love the Z. Thanks for your help 2ManyZ´s Rui Note: I laugh a lot when i translate your nickname. A bit ironic for this subject, don´t you think?
  8. Hi! I´ve been informed of a 74 Z for sale, 300km (186miles) away from my house. The car as far as i know is in bad conditions - abandoned - has documents and the engine runs. So i think that he probably doesn´t have a paint at all, lot´s of rust, some mechanical problems and a few parts missing, and i have to pay for a transport. Besides i´m starting a project to restore a full rust car (other model). So you ask: "And why the hell are you going to see the car?!!" Answer: I love the Z; Only 120 where imported to Portugal (30 years ago, 280 or 260 don´t exist); The owner wants 500 Euros (+/- 450 US dollars). What do you think? Is it worth it in a long term project? what should i look for? Thanks Rui
  9. HI! I´m dealing with the same problem now. I´m restoring my 71´ Celica TA22 and i don´t have the "Know-How" to fix it, and here in Portugal it´s not easy to find someone who want´s to work in classic cars (Unemployment: 3%) so i decided to fix as much as i can: took all the parts out, and take out the paint (with 2 cheap machines) to reduce the work and hours spent on the car. Every case is a different situation, wish you a big Luck
  10. (My first message to this amazing site) Hi! The blue is my favourite colour. I live in Portugal and there are a few Z´s around here, a guy 2 minutes from my house has a 74´240Z half abandoned half semi-abandoned!!! Infortunatly i don´t have any Z and you can imagine how i feel everytime i see one of my favourite cars with that beatifull colour parked in the street like a junk. The guy doesn´t want to make a deal with me $$$. GRRRRRRRRRRrr
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