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  1. I have a vague recollection of that also! But, alas, it's been a lot of years since those early days... Speaking of "Classic Z Car" panties... Did we ever get a photo put up in the Boobs thread with a pair of those displayed? ?
  2. Finally got a couple pics of my all-time favorite t-shirt! Front view Back view This shirt is now 17 yrs old!
  3. So, I kind of spent the day here at work not really working, and going thru some of my old posts, new posts, just general browsing around. Ran across this old post from the 2002 ZCON that was here in SA, TX. This pics was taken when I was getting Mr. K to sign a couple of the Classic Z Car hats! Pretty cool! Mr. K was one cool Kat!
  4. Ha! On nice, sunny TX days like today, I really do miss driving my Z! I miss the racing also, but not as much. And yes, my daughter "did" want me to build her a Z (a purple one?), but here lately, she really wants my old '93 Explorer that has become the hunting truck. Can't figure out why?
  5. I'm also still taking great care of my "240Z" t-shirt I got almost 20 years ago. It's not from this site, but it has the older, Series-1 emblem logos (the side ones that actually said "240-Z") on the front and back.
  6. Hey Marty! I've been good. Working a lot. Got tired of my stint in the oil fields...I'm too old to work that hard! Went back into construction. Helping to build high-rises... Also, spending a lot of time relaxing with a cold one... And still spending quality time with my daughter at the deer lease.... Or we're out on the boat. Medina Lake I also have a side gig from time to time with the HS Band that my daughter was in. I'm the official "Roadie Driver!" Yeah...that's me making all the noise! CDL driver
  7. I'll pop this thread up a bit... "beandip" (Gary) is still playing with Z's. He sent me a couple pics last year of the race car he is helping with in the pits. It belongs to a friend of his, and judging by the side of their trailer, it looks like it competes really well! That's beandip in the blue hat...
  8. Hey, Mike... Do you remember theses? From way back in the day? I still have mine! Might not have the old Z, but still supporting the colors! http://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb356/kmack72/240Z/IMG_22011_zpswwsymbcw.jpg http://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb356/kmack72/240Z/IMG_22001_zps8ju1rtkr.jpg These were the early ones that still had the old website on them (240Z.org). If I remember right, this was...what, 17-18 years ago? kmack
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A PDF of the zcar chassis dimensions
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to Mike for thinking of all us "old guys" from back in the day! While I don't visit the site anymore, I'm still alive (although I wonder sometimes while I'm working)! I spend the majority of my time working in the Eagle Ford trying to make a living. It's good money but takes up a lot of time. The Z was sold about 8 yrs ago. As the family grew older, it was harder and harder to stay involved with the racing I was involved in (autocross), and I needed a new hobby that included my wife and kid more. I had also gone thru 2 layoffs in about a 4 yrs time frame and just didn't have money to put into the car. I had quit driving the Z and I hated seeing it sit in the garage waiting to rot away from neglect. Having spent 8 yrs building it up from a shell, there was no way I was going to just watch it sit. So I sold it to a local friend of mine that was wanting a Z to drive while his own '72 240 was being worked on. I still get some quality "visitation time" with my old car from time to time. As for the new hobby? I moved over to Seadoos for a few years and now onto recreational boating. We also are on our 3rd RV for camping. We try to spend a weekend every month at a local lake with the motorhome and the boat making the most of the few years we have left with our daughter before she graduates high school and leaves for college. I've got less than two years left now. Oh, my daughter and I also try to spend every chance we get hunting and fishing together. That's the one thing we both have fun doing together. I couldn't ask for a better hunting/fishing buddy! Sometime in the future I may try to get another Z.... This site will be the first place I go to if that time ever comes. Only time can tell. As as for some of the other old guys, I still stay in touch with gmoisant (Gary). I used to be in touch with 2Manyzs (Keith), but I lost contact with him over the last couple years. Not sure where he is at anymore. Y'all keep the rubber on the road and the old Z's running!
  11. Well, it looks I'll be out of the Z thing for awhile. I sold my car a few weeks ago and will be pursuing other hobbies with my family. The Z really hadn't been driven in 2 years and I didn't put so much sweat and money into it to let it rot away in the garage. Better it go to someone that will take care of it the way I did and will have the time to drive it. My daughter is almost 10 now, so I need to focus on things that the whole family can enjoy, not just two of us. I am confident that my car will be well loved and cared for by the new owner, who, by the way, has been a Z owner himself since 1970. Knowing that my car will continue down the road is satisfaction enough for my efforts put forth in rebuilding it. I can't ask for more. All that being said, Thanks and continue to keep them alive for the future generations. Who knows, I may get another later on....
  12. Sorry about the late reply guys. I've been out of town since Tuesday. This has the E31 head on it. (I guess I should have mentioned that.) All valve seals were replaced with new. All gaskets were replaced with new. All rings were replaced with new. Since the PO had removed the engine for an upgrade early in its life, cylinders were checked and honed only. Pistons were cleaned. Valves were cleaned and lightly reground (bedded-in) with valve seats. Main and rod bearings were checked for clearance and re-used. All freeze plugs were replaced with new. Please keep in mind that this engine has seen track use, but only for autocross, no wheel-to-wheel racing.
  13. Well, I've made the decision to part with the L24 motor from my 240Z. This motor was originally pulled from the car around 60k miles by previous owner (moving to larger engine). I bought the engine from him when I bought the car. Has been removed again for larger engine swap. Engine has less than 5k miles on new rings, new seals, and new gaskets. Also pulled 139 hp at the wheels on a dyno. (I will locate the chart soon). Does not include the following: -Intake manifold or carbs -exhaust manifold -alternator -valve cover shown in picture (another one is included) -thermostat housing -fuel rail Also, the water pump was brand new when this motor was put in the car three years ago. $100 obo, pick up in San Antonio, Tx. kens240z(at)hotmail(dot)com
  14. Ditto on your situation here. My car was originally going to be a show car/weekend driver when I started. I even found the original engine (by luck, though). So I now have a numbers matching car, even though the original tranny has since blown-up. But I have swapped out the orig. L24 for an L28 out of a '76. I absolutely love it! My L24 is still good. I had replaced all seals and rings in the motor and it pulled just over 137hp at the wheels on the dyno, too! But the decision has been made to sell it to make room in the garage. I have no desire to keep my car original anymore. That is my choice. So if anyone is looking for an L24, let me know.
  15. Hey, Dave. Nice color. Should look great out in the sun.
  16. Thanks, Will. I appreciate the offer and until I can find a new set, these might have to work. So how did the rotisserie work out for you? Are you finished with the project yet? (PM sent)
  17. I'm looking for a set of rear brake cylinder retaining clips for a '71 240Z. They should be the same from '70 thru '76. These are the "C" shaped, spring clips that are similar to those that hold the brake hoses in place. But they have little dimples to lock them together. There are no dealers in Texas that have these. Victoria British (or Black Dragon Auto) no longer carries them either. I can't find my MSA catalog to check them. I snapped mine after repairing a leaking cylinder and I want to avoid another old set from the junk yard. Does anybody have a set they can spare for a few bucks or know where I can get them?
  18. It's not a cat., but a pre-muffler or resonator. With both the stock and aftermarket systems, a pre-muffler was used to cut down the resonating from the exhaust pulses. These tend to happen (or be louder) at higher rpm's. Also tones down your exhaust note quite a bit. Others are right in that if you are staying stock, the stock manifold will be just fine. A header will add a bit (just a little bit) more power in the top end on a fairly stock motor. But it also cuts about 15+ lbs out of the weight of the car. Those stock manifolds are heavy and I had eight stitches in my forehead to prove it (don't ask...). :dead: The previous system I had on my car was the following: 6-into-2-into-1 header w/ a 2-1/4" collector and 2-1/4" custom mandrel bent exhaust all the back to a generic Turbo muffler (w/ no resonator). It had a mellow tone at idle up to about 3500 rpm. At that point, it started to howl, but not overly loud. This was on a stock '71 L24, w/ E31 head, SU's and a K&N filter w/ stock airbox. With the airbox in place, it pulled 136 bhp at the wheels. W/o the airbox, it jumped up to 139 bhp. About 800' elevation. But I don't have any info with regards to the stock manifold. I paid all of $125 for the entire exhaust system installed, minus the header (which I already had). Talk to a few guys that have custom hot rods and such and find out where they had their exhausts done. They will be able to point you to a good custom shop at a fair price. A system bought from MSA (or any other catalog company for that matter) will have some installation problems. Some minor, some major. It's just easier to go with a custom built system for about the same price. Plus if something goes wrong, you're not just blaming yourself.
  19. Yes, the vertical height (or drop) of this header is built in. But it does not hang lower than the bottom of the car. To be honest, it is a 6-into-2-into-1 header. The really is no such thing as a 3-into-2. You always start out with 6 ports. I used to have a header with the angle like you say. This one actually works better on the car. With the angled header, I actually had to angle back up slightly. The only thing that hung below the bottom line of the car was the U-bolt at the collector to pipe connection. This one allows you to run straight into the tranny tunnel. Much cleaner look in my opinion. But hey. No hard feelings if you don't want it. Anybody else?
  20. If you're interested, I have an exhaust header that I'm trying to sell. It's a 6-into-1 with a 2-1/2" collector. It has fittings for smog ports, but they have been plugged (could be drilled out and re-used if needed). I'd like to get $65 + shipping for it.
  21. That's what the 350 was originally designed to be. A sort of retro look back, encompasing design ques from all the models. The Z cars have been and were always Nissans. Datsun was just a marketing name for outside Japan and mainly directed at the US market. I actually see more of the early S30's in the front of the 350 and more of the Z32 in the rear of the 350. But hey, it's all opinion.
  22. SHHHHHHH!!!!:tapemouth Pepper will get mad at me for telling.....:paranoid:
  23. Most oil pressure cut-out switches have a separate terminal that is hooked into the starter loop. That way, whenever your starter has power (ie: you are cranking), then the pump will also get power. I added this setup to my motorhome. The switch I got was from Holley, and it ran about $8. Simple to install.
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