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  1. shouldn't the coil be the blue one from Sumitomo?
  2. Well, from whatI have heard. The intake valve is larger because the vacuum that draws the air in is weaker than the preasure pushing the exhaust out.Therefore the intake valve need to be larger so as not to impede the air flow going in. -Dale-
  3. I dunno, Looks like it has more than 59k on it to me! Look at the engine bay inner fender color on the drivers side. Looks like a different color and is very dirty! My car has 37K and the inner fenders have no more than a fine layer of dust on them. also it has round top carbs and a blue air cleaner. Hmm.....
  4. I totally agree! All of my crazy driving days were in a 240Z that was well cared for and it was a big factor in how far I would go. I certainly wouldn't even dream of driving that way in my '64 Galaxie! :paranoid:
  5. When I was young I got caught doing 105mph in a 45mph zone. I knew "I" was at fault and I simply pulled over before the officer could even turn on his lights! I got off lightly with 50+++(actually written on the citation) in a 45 zone. Cost me $20 and a few drops of sweat to be sure.By the way it was done @1:30am on a deserted main street in AZ. I would never attempt that in traffic! Still stupid though. Anyone who can't take responsibility for thier own driving habits should not be allowed to drive in my opinion.::stupid:
  6. Allright, Try this one........ 1991 John Candy Movie: Delirious In this movie John Candy's character wins a Ferrari in an auction, but it really a 240z ferrari GTO conversion! They even show it being driven! Anybody else remember that?
  7. Dale B.

    Ferrari Crash

    Actually the Cause of the F-117 crash you mentioned was because of faulty maintanance. A critical bolt in the wing was not secured properly causing the failure.
  8. I need someone with a good running stock carb setup from a '73 to give me a hand. My idle limiter cap was removed when the previous owner had the carbs maladjusted. Could someone please tell me how many turns from seated it should be? I want to tune the carbs but There is no mention in the service manual as to where it should be set when someone has messed with it. -Dale-
  9. Well Eric, After talking to the Boss (Wife). I better pass on the tires even though I would really like to get them! Doh! Thanks for the offer. Guess I'll have to wear out these really skinny tires first. -Dale-
  10. What are you asking for them? What do you est. shipping would be to Nor Cal? -Dale-
  11. Hi! My name is Dale. I am 37 and the Stepfather to three kids (All out of the house now) I own a retail plastic model shop in Santa Rosa, CA . I am on my third '73 240z if you count the one I learned to drive on. Just got this green one in Dec. I know most everyone thinks the '73 carbs are junk, but I have had no problem with mine and even whipped a few local Z's with my last stock '73. I am thinking of getting another 240Z for my daughter. Currently trying to keep my '64 Ford Galaxie from spewing oil all over the ground. -Dale-
  12. I called....... He is an older gentleman and is the original owner. Bought the car in late '70. Never been wrecked. Does not burn oil at all. Asking $8900. Man! I wish I had the cash!! -Dale-
  13. I am looking for an unmolested brown plastic interior tail light cover set for my '73 240Z Previous owner drilled holes for speakers and I am removing the stereo and putting the car back to stock. These are the last pieces I need. I need the whole tail light cover with the access panels. Please let me know what $ you would like for them . I do not want reproduction parts. Thanks, -Dale-
  14. Would you be willing to sell any parts? I'm intersted in the Front bumper pieces if they are in good shape.
  15. I have an original uncracked dash in my Z and would like to know how to keep it that way. Any suggestions? I am currently using Armorall since it has a UV blocker.will my dash still crack in time?
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