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interior color change using SEM color coat system


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My son and I are restoring a 1973 240z.  We are converting the interior from “tan/brown” to black.  We will be replacing the seat foam and vinyl, and the headliner with new material.  I am planning to use the SEM Color Coat system for the remaining plastic and vinyl pieces including the door cards. 


There are a number of choices and I do not have the experience to know how subtle or substantial the differences are within the color coat system.

SEM offers: 

landau black #15013, gloss black #15233, satin black #15243,

high gloss clear #13003, satin gloss clear #13013, and low luster clear #13023.


Does anyone have experience with these variants?  Which in your opinion most closely resembles the original Datsun appearance?  Does landau black require a clear to protect it?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Ron Q.

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In addition to my post here I did send an email to SEM Products.  Talk about responsive.  One of their specialists got back to me almost immediately.  While he was not able to answer which product would most closely resemble the original appearance he did clear up a couple of questions.  Here is his response.

Thanks for your interest in SEM Products. You choice for a black will be determined by gloss level. Landau Black  is our most common interior black, it is a semi-gloss. Another choice is 15243 Satin Black, a little less gloss.

None of our Color Coat aerosols, including Landau Black, require a clear coat unless it is necessary to adjust gloss.

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That was about 3 years ago, a photo from when I was selling it.  The OE white had turned to more of a butterscotch color.  There was a few small places under the console close to the radio that didn't get the newer look.  Yep that's the original dash but it had two cracks up top that had been filled with a low sheen silicone type caulk.  Looked pretty good too.  I wish like hell I still had that car.  The prices have gone up so much since I sold it for $6,000 I could get $12,000 at least today.  3 car garage with all Zs in there.  My daily car baked in the sun outside.  I went to church one Father's Day soaked with sweat.  I swore then one had to go!  Looking back I would have been better off adding on to my garage. LOL

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grannyknot - this is great - thanks for the pictures.  Good to see that you were able to use the same product on the vinyl and plastic as well as the steel upper dashboard finisher (not sure what its real name is) 2nd from last picture.  thanks for the tip on the clear.  BTW - looks like a great job.

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Thanks, pay close attention to their directions, when they say apply a 2nd or 3rd coat within 5-10 min of the last coat they mean it, otherwise you need to wait 7 days for it to fully cure before you can reapply.  The clear they want you to apply within a couple of min. of the last coat so the two coats merge.

The steel upper dash finisher,  it looks like a Klingon Batliff to me so that's what I call it.LOL

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And just from the category of "Good to know":

United States[edit]

The legality of the bat'leth in the United States differs between states. In 2009, a bat'leth was used in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in two armed robberies.[30] The Colorado Springs Police Department said that it was a deadly weapon.[21][36] In New Jersey, bat'leths are considered weapons and are liable to be seized. The Federal Bureau of Investigation discovered and seized a bat'leth as part of a cache of weapons in connection with a $4 million Medicare fraud investigation in 2010.[37]

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I used SEM Landau Black on my 72 240 this past summer. The sheen looks identical to me to the original interior in my 24k mile other 240z. One thing I found though is that the product is very sensitive to humidity when applying. For me, if I sprayed on a humid day the sheen would turn flat. If I remember correctly I needed to stay below 65% or so relative humidity to get what I thought was the intended sheen for Landau Black...and what I wanted. Finding low humidity days in the summer in Atlanta was a challenge. Got it done though and it looks great.


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