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Is 16.5k too much?

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2 hours ago, Zed Head said:

Probably normal.  I know that the engine is tilted.  Just never noticed how far off the oil pan was from center.  Look at the middle of the crossmember.

I tried to find the car on the California CL's but couldn't.  Wonder if he bought it yet.


When I first got started adjusting my valves I went with them straight up, mistakenly.  After i figured out how much tilt there is I Sharpied center lines on the cam towers to point the lobes at. Much quieter valve train now. 8^)

I think the oil drain is off center Zed, but without climbing under there???  Heres a Zx pan I have upstairs. Its on center with the ridge between the 2nd & 3rd lines like the photo of the OP car.


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Nothing says that the casting line has to be centered!  The drain plug isn't.

One of the other pictures shows though that the bottom of the pan is level with the car which is right.  So, just an odd angle seems to be why the first one looked weird to me.  So the pan has uneven side lengths so it rides level and the drain plug is centered in the pan but not to the car.  Just haven't been under my car in so long I forgot what it all looked like.


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I just bought one almost identical to this one for $15,150 so yes, it appears to be a good deal.  But I agree with some of the other guys, if you're going to modd it up, you're paying a lot for stuff you're going to remove/change anyway.

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