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Best way to rebuild

joe newsom

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I have dismantled car... hood , doors , hatch, axles, interior, glass, engine bay. everything.
Stripped, sandblasted now just coated wit por15 on undercarriage and interior and engine bay.

Thinking how to go next :

Do I paint chassis without doors and panels so I can rebuild then paint doors, hood etc and install then color sand. Just curious of your guys process

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Depends on the paint. Solid or metallic? Light color or dark color? If you go metallic you need to paint the car all assembled or different panels will come out different. Dark colors are more forgiving for the amount of coats you apply but less forgiving on the body and metal work. If you paint a sold color on a disassembled car, you need to be careful and apply the same amount of coats to each part or the color shades can vary...

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How much experience / practice at painting have you had?

By following instructions, we back-yard restorers can assemble the engine, the suspension, and all that mechanical stuff, and if we get something wrong unfasten and reassemble, but painting, based on my limited experience, is very much a practiced art.  

Unless you have something less valuable than your 240Z - perhaps a friend's stock car -  to practice on,  I'd let the pros do the paint.  Guaranteed, your first try will not turn out looking like those photos posted by Motorman7.

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