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Zcon 2017


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Sounds good. Lot's of great roads with in reasonable distance and really high speed limits...

@Mike W

My wife is from Fredericksburg so we should make it. She suggested a road route out that way through the hill country. A number of vineyards out that way too...

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1 hour ago, S30Driver said:

Sounds great !  Many Jim's will converge on Austin I am sure.   Gives me incentive to restore my AC by then.

Has the actual Zcon date of the event been set yet?

A post I saw on FB said the dates are June 20-24.  We'll have to get our honorary host Mike W to confirm or deny.

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The website is up and the full event schedule is posted: http://zcon2017.org/

The judged car show is at Lake Travis about 30 miles NW of the convention hotel - Airport Hilton.  The track day is at a site about 30 miles south of Austin.  The grand finale day for AX, People's Choice show, parade laps, and the awards dinner is at COTA, just a couple of miles from the hotel.

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8 minutes ago, Captain Obvious said:

I probably won't make it to Austin because of the distance, but I do have a couple suggestions for improvement based on my two past convention experiences.

If there is someone here on forum from the host club that would like to talk about them, send me a PM?

Bruce - reach out to Mike W on this forum (Mike Wodopian), he's the event chairman or coordinator.  Mike is one of our three Gold Cup winners from Memphis.

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33 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

I'm a possible.

One of the best times in my life was hanging out with Z buddies in Memphis.

 Damn speeding ticket cost me a thousand in the long run.

Just have Buddy drive while you make sure the beverages stay fresh from the passenger seat.  LOL


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