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Ultra Portable Jump Starters

Mike W

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During the Branson Z Fest, Zup, Jim (S30Driver), and I spent a lot of time talking about everything under the sun as it related to cars and especially Z's.  Unfortunately, it was more like under the rain as we had a lot of bad weather during the festival and therefore even more time to talk about everything related to cars.

In any case, one topic that came up during discussion was jump starting our Z's during those times when you happened to have left your lights on, etc and in the course of that discussion I told my new found Z colleagues about this ultra portable jump starter that I had recently purchased.  Zup and Jim had not seen one before and so after seeing mine, they suggested I write it up here for everyone else on the forum that might benefit.

I did quite a bit of research on these before I made a purchase but ended up with 4 of them that I also gave as xmas gifts to my wife and kids.

These were purchased on Amazon.  Brand name is Suaoki.  About $89 as I recall.

The product is essentially a very high capacity Lithium Polymer battery in a very small size and is capable of jump starting cars.  The manufacturer claims that it is a 1800 mAh battery.  It comes with jumper cables, a variety of adapters to allow the ability to power / charge other devices, has USB ports, and can be charged from a variety of sources.  It all comes packaged in a very nice case with multiple compartments.

I have only had the ability to use it once, but it worked as advertised.  It seems very well made and so far I am happy with the purchase.  Will likely get another to carry in the Z just in case.

Here's a few pictures of the product.


Accessories in case.JPGCase.JPGBattery in case.JPGBattery with jumpers.JPGBattery.JPGJumper cables.JPGInside case.JPGFlashlight.JPG

Hope you all find this useful.


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Thanks for posting that Mike!   And the great get together's in Branson.

I love going to Z events, you always see something new in products, application, or ideas.  (reminds me of when I went to Comdex shows years ago)

I'll get one ordered in the next week or so, don't want them to run out of my favorite color.

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I actually purchased the version that includes the mini air compressor as well.  Turns out that my wife's car is a Chevy Volt and so jump starting her car is not an issue but it does not come with a spare tire and so I thought having the small compressor would be more useful for her application.

Admittedly I have not tried the small compressor yet so I cannot comment on its capability.  The unit does come in a different size case in order to accommodate the compressor as well as all of the other accessories that are the same as the version I posted originally.  Like the original, this seems very well made and thought out and all of the capabilities of the battery are the same as well.

If I can get you any other info on this version, just let me know.


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Earlier this week, Amazon had the little micro booster on sale, so I picked one up.   $79 with the optional compressor.

Very well made, came with a 96% charge, nice carrying case, and Mike W endorsed.

Thanks again Mike W for putting me on to it!


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