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71 240Z muffler question.


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I'm having a new exhaust system "from header to tailpipe" installed on my Z. I have decided I don't want a resonator and the muffler I want is a SS Magna Flow. My question is do I need a muffler with both openings offset, or one offset and one centered, or both centered. Whats the correct layout of the muffler to ensure a correct fit. Also I will be going with a single tailpipe. Thanks.

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I just installed the MSA Turbo system with the Dynomax centred/offset and found it very convenient to install with that architecture. It has the inlet in the centre and the tip offset.

It allows the muffler to be installed tucked up high behind the wheel so that it is not visible from the side.

Like this:



More importantly it has a many degrees of freedom of motion so you can easily rotate the joints to get the tip right where you want it.

Here are a few more reference photos of the geometry:

The muffler fits twisted like this:


You can move things to get the outlet centred at the perfect spot:


Another angle:


I used stainless steel band clamps to make the system adjustable in the future:


I used an old hanger insulator as a stand-off to keep the exhaust off the differential and rear control arm crossmember:


The wheel well:


I just have to lower the muffler to fit dual tips to clear that silly bumper part that is dead centre of the tip. I also have to fasten the hanger near the front of the differential.










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