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What I did today


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Over at z31p.com we have a thread called "What did you do to your Nissan/Datsun today?" or something like that. Just for little miscellaneous trivial stuff like this. I couldn't find any better place for this post so I put it here. I don't mind if it gets moved or deleted.

I didn't put it in paint & body because...well t's not exactly paint & body the way it should be done... /shrug

Typical Datsun stuff...rust patrol:


Cowls aren't waterproof???


Oh well it's just minor rust right?


By Datsun standards...


No place for big fingers


I do better prep work than this and I suck at paint and body


Getting started


Looking much better


Missed the wiper thingy...


No place for small fingers!


Enough for today...

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I bet there's nothing there now. That is one clean car you have there.

On the cowl subject... I haven't buttoned anything down yet but it seems like the front edge is noticeably lower. I don't recall any spacers. I guess I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Also I'm wondering if there is any restoration that can be done with the windshield wiper motor. The wipers are really sloooow.

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Nice idea! Kinda like Twitter for the car restoration community. 140 words and 4 little pic per post per day (so you not on it all damn day kids!)

Just a few areas of common concern on the wipers. They can be slow for three major reasons, in order of likely hood (debatable no doubt).

1) Dirty, worn and or un-lubricated arm linkage and pivots,

2) Reduced power supply to the motor due to bad connections, everything from the battery wires, fuses, switch contacts and connectors along the entire wiring harness, but start with the connection in the engine bay.

3) Worn out motor (brushes or bushings).

When you get all of these items sorted out, and you'll find the wipers are more or less "ok" on all but the heaviest downpours. The honda motor upgrade is great.

You'll may also find that a product like "Rainex" helps in the mean time!

Keep up the great work


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I'm on my way out the door to go put inflated tires on my NEWLY aquired 72' 240Z.....

It has 4 flat tires and the only way to get it home is to put 4 good tires on it and roll it onto a flatbed. Gotta also bolt down the hood and clear a runway to get it on the flatbed.

I'll do a thread/writeup later on..

Super excited to get my 5th Z car.

That's 3 at home now.


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