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Clock repair for Z's

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Perfect. There is no other way to describe what the work done by Ron Bradley at Zclocks.com looks like.

Its seldom that you get better service than you expected these days. But Ron is a very noteworthy exception. My clock never worked and was looking a tad worn from sitting in my Z for 37 years. But Ron took it and completely redid it. The rear bezel looks to be brand new, and even has a smooth almost professional paint job on it. The plastic has been cleaned or replaced not sure, but my glass in that clock was never as clean as he made it. Every visible nut, washer, screw all appears to be brand new. The action is smooth and it feels very well put together. He even goes as far as to replace the wires with correct color wires with correct fittings on them. I am vastly impressed with his work and his professionalism.

Behold the rebirth of my Z clock!






There is no other word to describe it but perfect... Thanks Ron!

Guys I highly recommend him to anybody with a Z clock!

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I looked at having mine done with Ron and $125 was the price quoted. I had bought a "working" clock off of Ebay that turned out not to work at all. I tried the mehtods of repairing it on this forum and the best I could do was get it to "jump" a little. I tried the battery mechanism fix but it didnt look quite right and I couldnt get the time to adjust. Thats when I emailed Ron.

Then a couple nights later, I found another "working" clock on Ebay for $19.99, out of a "78 with the quartz movement. The seller told me he would refund me if it did not work.

I rolled the dice, paid him, The bid went up to $39 and I am happy to say I installed it last May and the clock has lost a total of 1 minute in 10 months. One of my few Ebay "deals" :)

Ron does fantastic work, the clock looks great.

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Thanks for the great complememts. I really try hard to provide the best service possible for the Zcar community.



In this day and age of the small business vanishing, I was more than happy to spend my money with Ron. And the quality speaks for itself.

I will be installing it today hopefully

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Agreed, Ron's work is outstanding! As a repeat customer, I have one in my Yellow Z and it looks like new and performs flawlessly. I also put one in my '72 before it went to JoelH that was just as good! Highly recommended! :)

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