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  1. Thanks for lettting us know. Missed last years party. See you there .
  2. Got back from GA last night. I must say the event was great. A beautiful town to sprend a couple of days in. The best part a car show inside in a the convention center. Will, thanks for you and your team for putting on a great event.
  3. Leaving Wed afternoon. Hope to avoid T'Storms nothing you can do about the heat.
  4. Will, Every year you say it will be ready next year. You only have 2 more years because we all know what will happen in the year 2012
  5. Interestingly enough i bought the fuzzys a year ago and coud figure how to get the old ones off and the new ones on. thanks for the rivet suggestion
  6. I was at the 24hour, talk about loud they are ear piercing and when they down shifted going into the first turn off the start/finish line they had flames like the space shuttle.
  7. Wow, Chris I don't understand your comments about Jim. I've met him a couple of times and he's a stand up guy. He's willing to share his collection to anyone that wants to see it or give advice on restoring a first gen Z either by e-mail, phone or in person. We're lucky to have someone that is so willing to share his knowledge and experiance with these cars without a personel agenda.
  8. Will, Thanks for all the Pics. I only got to talk to you for a few minutes because you were to busy taking pictures of all the great Z's. I hope your wife didn't run up your credit cards when you shipped her off to the mall with your kids. I know this was a Z party but did you get any pics of the American cars inside of his garage because there was some great ones. Once again I want to thank Bill, his family, Rich and his friends for putting on such a great day.
  9. If you decide to do it I would be interested in any of the parts you take off.
  10. It was a great get together of Z nuts. One minute there was 8 Z's and all of a sudden there were 30. David congrats on getting an award it's to bad you left to soon. Bill thanks again for a great day.
  11. Jim. I hear your coming to Bill Coffey's Zcar garage party next weekend in G'ville along with Carl's Bre and Greg Ira's race car and alot of other early Z's. Which ones are you bringing? I'll be there with my orange 72. There probably hasn't been an event in Fl with such a collection of early Z's since Daytona 07 except for your yearly Christmas party. See you there.
  12. How about a roach a bong and a pack of ez wider papers?
  13. That car needs to left the way it is. In response to Will's poll what Z's should be in a museum I said " none they all should be driven" I take that back this is the one that should be. No retro just the way it is.
  14. Will, You didn't put an answer as none of the above. All Z's need to be driven and not sitting in a museum.
  15. Alex, I sent you a private message with his number. All you have to do is go to Private message and open it up. Good luck with your Z.
  16. Alex, My youngest son has a really clean yellow 73 and is also going to UCF. He lives in Oviedo only a few miles from UCF. He's pretty good with things like brakes, carbs and things like that. If you want I'll give you his number. By the way $600 is a deal for a running Z but the rust/body and paint work will be big $ if you want it in great condition. If you just want a driver well worth it. Besides you could always part it out more than you paid if the rust is terminal.
  17. Kevin, I own a 72 with A/T in great condition basically stock except for stereo, electronic dizzy and polution control removed. I have often thought about the AT- Manuel swap but I would like to keep it the way it was it was delivered from the factory. I know some say it takes away the value of the car but I'm sure there's not to many 72's left basically stock with an AT. I do get some grief occasionaly from other's about a AT in it but I enjoy driving it the way it is since I'm not into auto cross and performance driving besides if I want to get racey I'll jump into my 82ZXT 5 speed. Th
  18. All I can say is S&H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Once again correct Will. I had the Interpart one's on my first 72Z and the hinges were a bad design but in 78 that was alot of money, they looked more streamlined and fit better than the other Shadow's. I still have them in storage with broken hinges and many other parts from when I striped down my first Z for restoring it only to find out it was beyond restoration because of rust from to many days driving it on Daytona Beach. My current 72 has the Shadow type and has stood the test of time. I've always felt the first Gen Z's were made to have rear shades.
  20. Will, You amaze me some times. I wouldn't have called them inexpensive although. I had the same type on my first 240 and at the time it was I thought it wasn't cheap, of coarse working and going to college everything was expensive to me. The one thing about that type was it slid under the glass and you didn't have to drill holes in lid.
  21. Changing spark plugs is the easist thing to do besides checking your oil. All you need is socket wrench and a spark plug gap measuring device. When I'm board I take mine out to check them. It can tell you alot what's going on with an engine. BTW find a reputable Z mechanic that won't rip you off. I'm sure there are many members that know of one in your area.
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